‘You’re in a parallel universe’ Alastair Campbell skewers Sunak over Universal Credit cut

GMB: Alastair Campell grills Sunak over Universal Credit cut

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Alastair Campbell joined Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain with the pair chatting to Chancellor of the Exchequer about proposals for Universal Credit to be decreased. Campbell and Sunak got into a heated debate with the host striking out at the lack of information the MP was giving.

Campbell slammed: “A lot of the people, as you know, a lot of the people on Universal Credit are already in work and they are going to suffer a huge loss of freedom and a hit on their living standards.

“You must, I feel sometimes you’re in a parallel universe there, you got you telling each other how marvellous it’s all going.

“Then you’ve got the fuel process, you’ve got the National Insurance rise hitting the poorest hardest and you’re now bringing in this Universal Credit cut.

 “Which even right wing think tanks are saying is going to plunge more than half a million people into poverty,” Campbell stated.

Firing back, Sunak replied: “You talked about parallel universe, and these are the facts Alastair, a year ago people were forecasting unemployment to reach 12 percent.

“Millions and millions of people, what’s actually happened as a result of our plan for jobs is unemployment today is less than five percent.”

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