Your point is? Martin Roberts slams GB News Simon McCoy over £30million Windsor house

Martin Roberts discusses £30million house in Windsor

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However, the Homes Under The Hammer presenter wasn’t impressed with the GB News hosts when they demanded to know how a home near to Windsor Castle could be on the market for £30million. Martin Roberts hit out at Simon McCoy as he explained there were easy ways to get on the property ladder and first time buyers should lower their expectations.

Simon asked: “Have you seen this house for sale near Windsor Castle?

“It’s a sprawling manor with Windsor Castle there on the horizon, not far away and it’s £30million.”

Martin replied: “Well, yeah. And the point is? It’s an expensive house, it overlooks Windsor castle.

”If you get your binoculars you can see the Queen.

“I mean, yes, but that probably isn’t going to be your first property.”

Simon joked: “Well if I’ve got friends like you, it might be.”

Martin laughed: “With the right attitude and the right things I’m suggesting, you couldn’t become a person who could have that kind of property in the future but you’ve got to set your sights relatively low.”

Rosie chipped in: “In practice though, what you’re asking is, you’re giving up so much more in terms of the time and that does come at a financial cost as well.”

Martin snapped back: “Doh! Yeah. Do you expect to get this for nothing?

“Yes the point is you could stroll into your building society and say, ‘Give me some money,’ and they’ll say, ‘Erm, no.’

“You have to think outside the box and there’s nothing worth gaining in life if you don’t work for it.

“It isn’t necessarily cushy, but you have time, talk to people down the pub, whatever. You just need to think a bit more laterally.

“I’m all about trying to find solutions rather than going, ‘Oh isn’t this terrible.’”

Martin’s appearance on GB News comes not long after he revealed he’d be stripping off on TV over the Christmas period.

The property expert will be baring all in The Real Full Monty over Christmas as he raises awareness of cancer.

Speaking on his Instagram page, he explained he would be stripping off in memory of his friend Dave.

In a video, Martin said: “The time has come, I apologise for the months of teasing, but I can finally reveal that I am taking part in the Real Full Monty, yes, I am getting my kit off for cancer.

“It is all for an amazing cause, to bring more awareness to particularly guys’ cancers such as prostrate cancer, bowel cancer, testicular cancer, and for girls breast cancer and cervical cancer.

“And if by doing this we get more people to go to the doctor earlier, at the first signs of any problems then this is probably the most important show that I have ever done because it can actually save lives.

“And I’m doing it memory of my best mate Dave, who died of bowel cancer four and a half years ago who was the same age as me; that’s my why.”

Martin added: “But the reality is that in just over a week I’ll be going to Blackpool and taking my kit off in front of 3,000 people and I’m not particularly body confident.

“So this is a massive thing for me but we’ve got an amazing group of people who are all doing it together and yeah… just wish me luck.”

Martin could be seen waving a leopard print thong as he signed off from the video giving fans a hint at what is to come.

The Great British Breakfast airs weekdays on GB News from 6am.

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