You Dont Know Me season 2 release date: Will there be another series?

BBC Trailers: You Don’t Know Me

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You Don’t Know Me recently premiered on BBC One on December 5, quickly hooking fans with its dark and morally grey storytelling. Based on a book of the same name by author Imran Mahmood, the story follows Hero (played by Samuel Adewunni), a young man that pleads his innocence in court without the aid of an attorney.

Will there be You Don’t Know Me season 2?

After being accused of the disappearance and potential murder of his former girlfriend Kyra (Sophie Wilde), Hero knows only he can save himself from an unjust ruling.

The four-part drama was a nail-biting story, with each new episode unravelling and an increasingly unpredictable plot.  

It has left viewers wanting more, as there is plenty more that could be revealed in a potential continuation.

Currently, the BBC has not confirmed a second season, though season one was not billed as a self-contained miniseries.

This makes it likely there could be season two, as fans have been left with numerous questions after the finale.

This is similar to the book, which intentionally left some of the details of the plot vague to incite a debate among readers.

Mahmood has not written a sequel novel, so it seems as though the hanging questions are there for a reason.

The show could choose to follow the same trajectory, and never give fans the closure they crave.

Speaking to the Guardian in 2017, Mahmood made it very clear that he did not want to provide definitive answers to the story.

Mahmood explained: “What I wanted to do was to create the dilemma in a reader.

“There may be points at which you catch him in a provable lie. There may be points at which you pick up things that seem very fantastical.

“But whether that is enough of a reason to shed everything else that he’s told you is a question for the reader.”

Mahmood followed You Don’t See Me with I Know What I Saw in 2021.

This follow-up novel is a completely original and separate story – it is not a continuation of You Don’t See Me.

This follows the story of a former banker, now down and out in London.

One day, he witnesses a brutal murder of a woman, a murder that the police say couldn’t have happened, leading him to question the very event itself.

The author is then following this book up with his third novel, All I Said Was True, which is set for release in 2022.

This follows the murder of Amy, with Layla the only witness to the crime. 

When the police arrive, she tells them to find Michael and he will provide all the answers, the only problem being, they can’t find him.

There has been no word from the BBC whether these novels will also be adapted into shows, similar to You Don’t Know Me.

You Don’t Know Me is available to watch on BBC iPlayer. The show will premiere internationally on Netflix at a later date.

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