Woman near tears as This Morning vet Scott brutally reveals dog doesnt have long to live

Alison, from Devon, called into the ITV show for a second professional opinion after feeling concerned about a growth inside her dog’s mouth. The dog owner first noticed the growth on 16-year-old Olly’s cheek around nine months ago, but was told by vets they couldn’t operate due to his age and a heart murmur.

Alison said: “About nine months ago we noticed a growth on the inside of his cheek. Over time it’s got bigger.”

She asked the Australian-born vet for his thoughts, but the answer wasn’t one she was hoping for, despite the dog not being in any pain.

It was clear from the look on Dr Scott’s face as he looked at the submitted photo that it was not good news.

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He said: “I’ve got to say we don’t want to diagnose things without seeing them, but I don’t like what I see there. That doesn’t look nice and cancer tends to look exactly as you think it would look.

“I would be concerned that that is something significant in the fact that it’s grown quickly in a short space of time.”

Breaking the news that Alison’s beloved dog might not have much longer to live, he acknowledged the dog’s incredible age, saying it was a credit to her.

He added: “I know Olly is 16 which is an incredible credit to you, he also has a heart murmur which is one of the reasons you’ve sat on your hands and not moved forward because of the chance that he might not make it through an anaesthetic.

“My heart goes out to you on this one. You need to focus on the fact you’ve given him 16 wonderful years and that you want to make sure his passing is kind and that he’s not in discomfort or pain and I know you wouldn’t want that for him.”

The stunned dog owner simply replied “Oh god,” as Alison Hammond, Dermot O’Leary and Scott apologised to the upset caller.

And This Morning viewers at home were just as upset, with one tweeting: “Gosh you phone in for advice and get told you need to have your 16 year old dog put to sleep ALL my love to that owner.”

Another added: “Watching the phone in with the wonderful Dr Scott (vet). Left heartbroken at the story of the dog who had the mouth problem. Hoping the lady owner is being looked after – not the nicest news to hear on National TV.”

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