Will Smith, Kevin Hart Discuss Manhood in 'Male vs Man' (Exclusive Video)

Interview series is based on Dondre Whitfield’s book of the same name

Dondre Whitfield will launch a digital series based on his book “Male Vs Man,” where he will interview celebrities including Will Smith and Kevin Hart, TheWrap has exclusively learned.

The series premieres on May 8 will feature Smith. In addition to him and Hart, future guests include Boris Kodjoe and Trevor Jackson.

Whitfield partnered with Black Love, Inc Production on the series, who will release episodes across its social media channels every Friday. The series aims to “expose the debilitating myths, negative trends, stereotypes, while challenging long-held beliefs about what it means to be a man.” 

You can watch a preview of the show in the video above.

Whitfield, an author and activist, is best known for his role as Remy Newell in OWN’s “Queen Sugar.” His book, “Male vs Man: How to Honor Women, Teach Children, and Elevate Men to Change the World,” was released last month. Black Love, the media company founded by Tommy and Codie Oliver, is behind the OWN docuseries, “Black Love.”

“Male vs Man” premieres May 8 with Will Smith, distributed across @BlackLove & @malevsman social media channels with new episodes dropping weekly thereafter on Fridays. 

Top 13 Best 'Star Wars' Video Games Ever (Photos)

  • There have been so many “Star Wars” video games in the 40 years since the franchise began, and most of them were not good. Hell, a couple of the ones I list here aren’t good. But they all deliver an experience you can’t get anywhere else, and that’s worthy of some praise.

  • 13. “Rebel Assault 2”

    Not actually good, but still great. It’s a game that defies description because there’s nothing from the past two decades to compare it to. For that reason alone it makes the list.

  • 12. “Masters of Teras Kasi”

    How we haven’t been inundated with “Star Wars” fighting games is anyone’s guess — aside from “Soul Calibur IV” letting you play as Yoda or Darth Vader, “Masters of Teras Kasi” on the original PlayStation console is the only one. And it was the style of fighter that was easy to learn and enjoy, so we remember it fondly.

  • 11. “Yoda Stories”

    This weird and cheap little “Zelda”-esque thing had Yoda sending Luke Skywalker on bite-sized randomly generated missions, and somehow it was extremely engaging. We are well overdue for a smartphone version of this thing.

  • 10. “Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast”

    If we’re being honest, the beloved “Jedi Knight” video game series is pretty mediocre all the way around. “Jedi Outcast,” though, is the peak as it features the closest we’ve ever gotten to realistic video game lightsaber combat.

  • 9. “The Force Unleashed”

    The “Star Wars” universe is full of stories about good apprentices going bad and wreaking havoc on the good guys, but we’ve very rarely gotten the inverse. That made “The Force Unleashed” a really novel experience. You play as Darth Vader’s secret apprentice in the years between the original and prequel trilogies. You’re a dark side force user and soldier for the Empire who goes rogue in a really epic way.

  • 8. “Rogue Squadron”

    We’d been flying in space battles for years with “X-Wing” and “TIE Fighter,” but “Rogue Squadron” gave us something new bringing our starfighter into a planet’s atmosphere. “Rogue Squadron” was also built to be accessible, which was a pretty new thing for a “Star Wars” game.

  • 7. “X-Wing Alliance”

    Develops the minimalistic narrative approach of “X-Wing” and “TIE Fighter” and develops it in a great way — you’re still a grunt, as a fighter pilot for the Rebellion, but now you’re a named character who has real-life concerns beyond the next confrontation with the Empire.

  • 6. “Racer”

    There aren’t a lot of “Star Wars” racing games, weirdly enough, but “The Phantom Menace” provided the perfect in with its big pod racing sequence. It turned out pod racing translated perfectly to video games.

  • 5. “The Old Republic”

    Bioware attempted to meld their style of story-focused role-playing game with a “World of Warcraft”-style online game, and that was a mistake. But it’s still full of really outstanding “Star Wars” stories that are better than most all of the ones you’d get elsewhere. It’s also funnier than most others.

  • 4. “Knights of the Old Republic”

    If you’re trying to replicate the beats and “feel” of a “Star Wars” movie, you do it like this: with an entirely new cast of characters in a fresh story. “KOTOR” even manages to have a twist as powerful as “I am your father,” but without feeling as though it was copying “Empire.”

  • 3. “Rebellion”

    Not a technically great game in the traditional sense, but the first galaxy-scale “Star Wars” strategy game is still a blast. It’s also great fuel for the imagination because you can mold the war between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire in whatever way you want.

  • 2. “TIE Fighter”

    It’s a great example of minimalistic “Star Wars” storytelling, putting you in the boots of a a mostly anonymous Imperial pilot during the Rebellion period. You’re a grunt, but things are happening around you, and it’s weirdly enthralling.

  • 1. “Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords”

    Obsidian Entertainment created an experience that manages to subvert basically every way “Star Wars” has ever operated, starting with its predecessor. It’s a total downer, every character is in a bad mood, and none of the decisions your character makes will ever be greeted with approval from her master. “There are no right choices” is not the normal “Star Wars” way, and it works perfectly.

There are so many “Star Wars” games to choose from, but these stand out from the pack

There have been so many “Star Wars” video games in the 40 years since the franchise began, and most of them were not good. Hell, a couple of the ones I list here aren’t good. But they all deliver an experience you can’t get anywhere else, and that’s worthy of some praise.

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