‘Will alienate older traditional viewers!’ BBC skewered over ‘woke’ danger targeting young

BBC Newswatch: Host discuss 'alienating' their older audiences

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Newswatch host Samira Ahmed was joined by Debbie Ramsey, Executive Editor for BBC News Commissioning UK, about the current issues surrounding the future of their audience numbers. Research from regular OFCOM found young people in Britain have abandoned traditional television news broadcasts in favour of social media and video streaming platforms. Debbie spoke about the current culture young audiences are living in and how it could push out the older and more reliable generation.

Handing over to Debbie to hear her views on the “missing audiences”, Debbie explained: “It is a challenge for us to be where audiences are.

“There is absolutely no point in the BBC doing everything that everybody else has, we have to have value, so we can’t just be doing things on YouTube, TikTok and other platforms.”

Samira asked: “Is there a danger at all that BBC News could alienate its older traditional viewers in trying to appeal to the young?”

“I think the BBC does have to be careful, and I think we’re aware of this and aware of the complexity around the audience and being for everyone.

“As long as we are maintaining that and not being skewed a certain way into telling stories all from the south of England for a 50 something audience.

“As long as we’re not falling into this category and falling into the habit of just telling stories for younger audiences of more urban audiences, and we are keeping in mind the full picture.”

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