Why Jurassic Park Streaming Rights Keep Jumping Around

Life certainly finds a way for the original Jurassic Park trilogy. Just as Netflix got the rights to stream the classic dino adventures, they will leave the streaming service at the end of September. Interestingly enough, the new animated Jurassic Park series from Dreamworks, Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous, will debut September 18.

The two-month span of being on Netflix to help promote the Jurassic World series will become common practice some industry execs say. The reason being is that studios look to maximize sales of their libraries in the absence of new product while streaming outlets are looking for content they can promote as “new” on their services on any given month.

For example, the Harry Potter series was promoted with HBO Max’s launch but those movies are slated to head to NBC’s Peacock for six-months starting in October. WarnerMedia and NBCU have a working deal through 2025.

Basically, classic and “comfort food” movies have been the hottest titles networks have been trying to license. That’s because movies can be swapped in and out much more easily than TV series, which historically have much longer licensing periods to allow subscribers to watch the full series run. It’s currently unknown where Jurassic Park is headed after Netflix.

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