Where is Joe Tate in Emmerdale and what happened to him?

The mysterious disappearance of Joe Tate perplexed Emmerdale fans for months after his apparent death.

While viewers were lead to believe he was dead and buried, shock news revealed Joe was very much alive, although had forged a new life away from the village.

Here’s what you need to know about Emmerdale’s Joe Tate, played by Ned Porteous.

Where is Joe Tate in Emmerdale?

Joe was seemingly killed after being punched by Debbie Dingle’s father Cain Dingle.

However while Graham Foster is heaving the limp body into the boot of his car, Joe’s hand appears to twitch, leading to the belief he was still alive.

On returning to Cain’s home, Graham insisted he had done the deed and buried Joe, but nobody actually witnessed him doing so.

Despite the lack of a body, it was assumed Joe really was dead as all was quiet… That was until March when it was revealed he was very much alive and kicking, having escaped with the help of Graham and now living off Kim Tate’s funds.

Will Joe Tate return Emmerdale?

It’s unknown whether Joe will be returning to the Dales however it seems Debbie may leave the village in search of him.

Given actress Charley Webb is leaving the soap for maternity leave soon, could her exit see the pair reunite finally?

Emma Atkins, who plays Charity Dingle in the soap, told the Express: ‘No one really knows if he’s dead and I quite like that! It could be quite interesting in a while if they left it and then suddenly they find out where he’s gone…’

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