When is the next episode of Too Hot To Handle out?

Too Hot To Handle: Netflix teases second season of show

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Too Hot To Handle is back for season two and the series has made its way into the Netflix top 10 once more. A new batch of singletons were sent to a paradise villa on what they believed was a summer of partying. However, they were in for a surprise and fans are keen to see what happens next. 

When is the next episode of Too Hot To Handle?

The first half of Too Hot To Handle season two was released on June 23 and it has already made its way into the list of most-watched series. 

Couples have already started to form in the first four episodes, with Emily Miller and Cam Holmes locked in as a fan-favourite team. 

Marvin Anthony and Melinda Melrose are also a couple to watch as they had eyes for each other from the beginning. 

A huge bombshell was dropped when two other contestants were added to the group a few days in. 

A teaser for episode five was also shown at the end of the fourth episode and it suggested even more new faces were on their way. 

Fans are keen to know when the next episode will be dropping, and the release date has been set for June 30. 

This will be exactly a week after the first four episodes aired, with episodes five to 10 arriving at the same time. 

This means fans will be able to binge their way through the rest of the series before the month is out. 

Fans in the US should be able to access the new episodes from midnight, whereas those in the UK may have to wait until 8am. 

Netflix decided to experiment with the two-part series approach this year, to see if it added to the intensity of the drama. 

This seems to have worked as fans are on the edge of their seats waiting to find out which couples are still together. 

There is also a twist as the prize fund will not be split equally between the contestants this year, so some may leave with nothing. 

Lana, who is overseeing the singletons during their stay, suggested some may even be axed from the show if they do not take the experiment seriously. 

The contestants were heard asking if some of them would be leaving as a result of their actions. 

A lot of money has already been lost as the singletons cannot seem to keep their hands off each other. 

Cam and Emily have lost the group the most amount of money so far, but this could all change. 

With new contestants being added to the mix next time, this could change the whole dynamic of the group. 

Thankfully, fans do not have too much longer to wait before the new episodes are released. 

There has been a lot of secrecy surrounding the series this year, with fans unable to find out if the couples are still together. 

The contestants have been keeping tight-lipped on their social media accounts, so there is plenty of gossip still to come. 

If fans need their Too Hot To Handle fix, they can tune into the special YouTube series called Too Hot To Handle: Extra Hot. 

The series is hosted by season one star Chloe Veitch, and her co-stars Nicole and David, as they get all the gossip from the season two cast. 

New episodes have been airing every Friday on the show’s YouTube channel in the UK. 

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the series so far, with one saying: “I’m not even done with the first episode and I know they aren’t winning any money #TooHotToHandle.”

Another said: “These people are gonna owe Lana money by the time the show is over #TooHotToHandle.”

Too Hot To Handle returns on June 30. 

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