What reaction is that! Charlie Stayt red-faced as guest savages BBC stars appearance

BBC Breakfast guest pokes fun at Charlie Stayt's hair

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Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty were back on BBC Breakfast on Thursday morning to deliver the latest headlines to BBC viewers. As well as the news, the pair also had a whole host of interviews lined up, including a chat with Children in Need fundraiser Matty and his mum Alison. But as the pair discussed with Charlie and Naga how much the money raised means to families like theirs and thousands of others, the conversation took a turn when Matty and Alison admitted they were huge fans of the show.

Kicking off the interview, Naga told BBC viewers: “Now, every year the BBC’s Children in Need helps young people and their families through some of the most challenging times of their lives.”

Charlie weighed in: “As part of our appeal last year, Breakfast told the story of a remarkable teenager Matty who’s been receiving care in a hospice in Loughborough,

“And John [Maguire] is there for us to catch up with Matty and his family,” Charlie added as the camera cut to the reporter at the hospice.

It was then left to Matty and his family to reveal the grand total raised during this year’s Children in Need – a staggering £57million.

Matty offered his heartfelt thanks to viewers who’d donated as the hospice he stayed in was helped greatly. 

“I’d just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s donated,” Matty said. “Your money means so much to people like me and it helps us thrive in our lives .”

The BBC reporter then heard from the rest of Matty’s family about how much the money means to the hospice looking after their son.

But before the interview could draw to a close, BBC’s John had one more question up his sleeve.

“I’m amazed by this frankly,” John said. “They are big fans of Naga and Charlie.

“So they wanted to be able to talk to you directly this morning,

“So back over to you two, we’ve rigged them up and I think they’ll be able to hear you so you’ll be able to have a chat with Matty and Alison.”

Diving straight into the chat, Charlie said over the video link: “Oh, good morning, Matty, Alison, how are you both? 

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“And can I just say how lovely it is to see you?

“I want to ask you, Matty, first of all, people are going through quite difficult times at the moment, lots of people in lots of different ways, I want some wise words from a young man about how you get through things. 

“It’s a big ask but a bit of wisdom please, Matty,” Charlie added, to which Matty replied: “To be honest, I just take every day as it comes and look for the positives in life.”

Naga then weighed in with two “silly” questions as she asked: “You see me mock Charlie and you also see him mock me back, but what do you find funny about Charlie?”

After Matty let out a nervous laugh, Charlie jumped in: “What was that?! What kind of reaction was that?!”

“His hair, I think,” Matty’s mum Alison eventually quipped, prompting raucous laughter from Naga.

“Sorry, Charlie,” Alison added. “We do really love you both though.”

Charlie managed to brush off the cheeky dig at his appearance as he complimented Alison on her hairstyle before bringing the interview to a close.

BBC Breakfast airs daily at 6am on BBC One.

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