What happened to Lindsay Lohan? Fallen stars comeback with three new films on Netflix

Netflix release the trailer for 'Pieces of Her'

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Lindsay Lohan found her fame in her teen years, starring in hits such as Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. Since 2013, she has only appeared in a handful of productions, as for most of the last decade she has suffered numerous blows to her formally famous standing. Netflix is coming to the rescue though, and it could be bringing her back from her dark years away from the Hollywood lights.

What happened to Lindsay Lohan?

Lohan seemed set to become was of the biggest names in Hollywood, but in the period between 2007 and 2013, she found herself juggling a string of jail terms for everything from probation violations to drug abuse.

The constant bad press circulating the former Disney child star resulted in her losing mainstream gigs. Following 2013, she only made fleeting appearances in shows such as 2 Broke Girls and Love Advent.

2018 was a stronger year for the star though, as she joined the cast of the short-lived Netflix series Sick Note alongside Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint and Edgar Wright alum Nick Frost. Even though it didn’t last long, it set in motion her new deal.

However, the show did little kickstart her career again.

Lohan only secured one role in all of 2019, the low budget effort Among the Shadows. It was a complete flop, and the star once again retreated into obscurity. In 2020 there was nothing and by 2021 she only made a small appearance in the show Devil May Care.

However, her prospects are looking stronger, as the star recently filmed Falling for Christmas on Netflix. Currently in post-production, it is aiming for a holiday, 2022, release window.

Netflix took a similar gamble on Adam Sandler, who starred in a string of comedies on the platform including The Cobbler, The Ridiculous 6 and The Do-Over. It looks as though Lohan is on a similar track with the recently announced Netflix deal.

What films has Netflix signed Lindsay Lohan on for?

The synopsis for Falling for Christmas reads: “In the days leading up to Christmas, a young & newly engaged heiress experiences a skiing accident. After being diagnosed with amnesia, she finds herself in the care of the handsome lodge owner and his daughter.”

The movie sounds remarkably similar to the plot of the 1987 rom-com Overboard. Starring Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, the synopsis reads: “A cruel but beautiful heiress mocks and cheats a hired carpenter. When she gets amnesia after an accident, he decides to introduce her to regular life by convincing her they’re husband and wife.”

It could be a coincidence, but then again, Hallmark Christmas movies have covered every possible angle of the festive love story, so it has no doubt been done before already.

It won’t be Lohan’s last Netflix collaboration either, as the platform just announced two new films with the star.

Christina Rogers, Netflix’s Director of Independent Film, said: “We’re so happy with our collaboration with Lindsay to date, and we’re thrilled to continue our partnership with her. We look forward to bringing more of her films to our members around the world.”

What these new films are remains to be seen, though judging by her previous collaborations with the streamer, it is safe to say they will be light-hearted affairs. 

Falling for Christmas will be exclusively available to watch on Netflix in late 2022. 

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