Welcome to Plathville mom Kimberly Plath busted for open alcohol container in car years before strict lifestyle

WELCOME to Plathville mom Kimberly Plath was once busted for having an open container of alcohol in a car years before living a strict lifestyle with her husband Barry and their nine children.

Barry, 53, and Kim, 48, raised their nine children on their 57-acre farm in Cairo, Georgia with no computers, video games, sweets, including soda, and more.

Barry and Kim also banned alcohol, as they refused to allow son Ethan, 23, and his wife Olivia, 23, to serve alcoholic beverages at their wedding. 

But The Sun can exclusively reveal that years before Kim married Barry, she was actually busted for having an open container of alcohol in a car when she was 19. 

Kim was hit with a citation for “possession of open container in motor vehicle” on April 7, 1991, Florida court records show. 

According to the Florida code, open container refers to an "alcoholic beverage.”

She was the passenger of the car at the time of the bust. 

Court records reveal Kim was “guilty” of the citation. 

A rep for Kim and TLC did not respond to The Sun's request for comment.


Kim didn’t always live the strict lifestyle she does today. 

On a past episode of Welcome to Plathville, she revealed she grew up with an alcoholic mother. 

Kim told her rebel daughter Moriah: “I grew up with a single alcoholic mother. I didn’t have a family. I didn’t have a home life. I didn’t have a dad. 

“I had a mom when she was there and she was sober, but for the most part I raised myself. I have tried really hard to make sure you have a family to grow up in.”


Though Barry and Kim both went to college, they have a “bad outlook” of the experience because it was “all about drinking and partying.” 

When she visited a college with Moriah, Kim revealed she was in a sorority. 

She said in her confessional: “I went through some rough times in college because of my wildness… Driving when I was drunk and waking up in the car parked weird on the lawn, passed out. You know, taking drugs and driving across town at 3 o’clock in the morning. 

“I could have died so many different ways when I was in college and by God’s grace I came out of it, and he saved me and I live a different life now. But to me the better thing would be for her to not have to experience all of the junk that I’ve experienced.”


Barry and Kim’s oldest children have been rebelling against their beliefs. 

Oldest son Ethan is estranged from his parents because they didn’t agree with Olivia’s influence on their son and the other children, leading to a blowout fight on the second season of the show. 

Micah, 20, and Moriah, 19, moved out and are renting a Cairo, Georgia home that is estimated at $86,600.

Moriah works three jobs and is dating boyfriend Max Kallschmidt, while Micah is a model. 

Micah and Moriah still have a relationship with their parents and must be supervised by them to see their younger siblings.

Micah said on an episode of his new-found freedom: “The past year has been the year of the most change for me. Been learning who I am and who I want to be. I moved out, renting a house, bought a new car and I never stopped working out my body. 

“Very recently, me and my parents basically came to a mutual agreement for me to move out and I found this place and me and Moriah moved in here and it’s been pretty awesome.”

Moriah added: "In the last six months so much has changed. I moved out of the house slash got kicked out. I had got to the point where I was just starving for freedom and didn’t follow the rules my parents had set. 

“My parents were shielding me or protecting me, whatever, from the outside world. They tried to control literally everything, what we ate and wore. Jeans or any type of tank top were out of the question. Swim suits were an absolute no. 

“I felt like an outsider in the real world. I didn’t feel normal.”

The Sun previously reported their seven youngest children Micah, Moriah, Lydia, 17, Isaac, 13, Amber, 10, Cassia, eight, and Mercy, six, did not have birth certificates until 2017 after their at-home births.

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