Virgin River: Who started the fire at Jacks house? Not an accident

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Virgin River seasons one to three are streaming on Netflix now, with the fourth instalment currently in production. Season three posed plenty of problems for Jack Sheridan (played by Martin Henderson) and his girlfriend Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge). The fire at Jack’s house was one of many tragedies they faced, but was it started deliberately?

Who started the fire at Jack’s house?

Jack and Mel took fans on an emotional rollercoaster in the third instalment as they started to realise they had different desires.

Mel was keen to try for another baby with Jack, but he was already coming to terms with being a father to Charmaine’s (Lauren Hammersley) twins.

He also had to deal with Charmaine’s controlling boyfriend, Todd (Patrick Sabongui), who warned Jack he should have nothing to do with his unborn children.

The season ended with Mel revealing she was pregnant, but she could not be certain Jack was the father.

Earlier on in the season, Jack and Mel had tried to get their relationship back on track with a romantic evening.

He had treated Mel to a candle-lit bath and they were spending some quality time together, when they started smelling smoke.

In an instant, they were both fleeing Jack’s beloved home, which had gone up in flames.

He had to move in with Mel whilst the issue was being dealt with, and the cause was believed to have been an electrical fault.

However, some fans are convinced the fire was started deliberately -possibly by the same person who shot Jack.

The killer is still on the loose and it has become clear they want Jack dead.

Taking to Reddit, MaruDramaMon said: “Who started the fire at Jack’s house? Coincidence? I doubt it.

“I haven’t read the books but my guess is that Charmaine did that?”

Other viewers pointed out how the insurance team claimed it was an electrical issue, rather than arson.

However, some believe it was Charmaine’s boyfriend Todd, with Boredomcrown added: “In my opinion someone tampered with something.

“I don’t know who but it wasn’t an accident.” Whatever 262122 added: “I vote for Todd too.”

Although it is likely the fire was just another stroke of bad luck, it does seem plausible for Todd to have been involved.

Fans already believe he may have even been the one to have shot Jack, perhaps under Charmaine’s orders.

From the outset, he seemed to feel intimidated by Jack and it looked as if he was already familiar with his history with Charmaine.

He said he met Jack’s ex three weeks previously, which would have been the same time Jack had been shot.

Many viewers noted the coinciding timelines and felt it was no coincidence that both events happened around the same time.

Todd went on to become one of the main antagonists in season three as he attempted to make Jack’s life hell.

He tried to give him cash in return for a vow that he stay away from Charmaine and the unborn twins.

Todd also forced Charmaine to give up her pet dog – a present Jack had given her in the previous season.

Although it seems the fire storyline has come to an end, it could be revisited in season four if it transpires it was started on purpose.

If Jack is still determined to rebuild his home, some interesting evidence may come to light.

Virgin River seasons 1-3 are on Netflix now, with season 4 currently in production.

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