Vile Geoff spreads lies about Yasmeen as Corrie storyline turns even darker

Geoff Metcalfe's manipulative and controlling behaviour will escalate next week as he begins to spread lies about Yasmeen Nazir on Coronation Street .

Over the last few months, frustrated viewers have watched Geoff manipulate and isolate Yasmeen from her friends and family. This has included orchestrating a robbery, prompting Alya to move out and ensuring Yasmeen would be frightened to leave her own house.

But Yasmeen puts her foot down when she has discovered that Geoff has set up security cameras around the house.

Horrified, she tells him that she wants him to take them down and Geoff accuses her of not thinking about his feelings and tells her their relationship is over.

He then takes down the security cameras and packs some of his belongings so that he can stay with son Tim.

Geoff tells Tim that Yasmeen is the nasty one behind closed doors and is bad for his mental health. He also claims that Yasmeen is undermining him at ever opportunity.

But it looks like Geoff wasn't being entirely truthful about packing away all of the cameras.

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