Victoria Beckham shares sweet note from daughter Harper, 9, sweet note saying ‘you’re my best friend’

VICTORIA Beckham has shared sweet notes from daughter Harper, 9, telling her and David how much she loves them.

The Spice Girl turned fashion designer, 46, posted the adorable hand-written letters on her Instagram stories.

Little Harper Beckham poured out her heart in sweet hand-written notes to her parents.

The nine-year-old wrote in a letter to her Posh Spice mum Victoria: "Dear Mummy, I love you so much and you are my best friend ever. I love when we always do our make-up together. You are my heart and I love you. Sleep well, sweet dreams."

She then signed it off with several kisses, and wrote "Love Harper."

David Beckham's doting daughter then penned an equally as sweet note to her dad.

She wrote: "Dear daddy, I hope you have the best sleep and the best dreams. You worked so hard at work today and I am so proud of you. I love you so much. Sleep well, " before signing off with lots of kisses.

It's no secret that the Beckham children have long been known for their impeccable manners.

Victoria's celebrity pals have often praised them.

Heidi Klum gushed about them at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards a few years ago, saying: “Victoria has the best-behaved kids in the world. When we go to all their birthday parties, each of the kids writes handwritten thank-you notes on their own headed paper. None of the other kids do."

She told The Mirror: “They’re so polite and well-spoken, it’s amazing. The other parents stand there in awe listening to the boys speak so politely and correctly.

“David and Victoria have made sure they always say please and thank yous, and definitely no swearing is allowed.

“Our kids all play together and I must say Victoria’s boys are a pleasure to learn from."

Meanwhile the Beckhams have been enjoying spending time in Miami, with David treating the kids to a day of painting,

The former football legend, 45, met up with his friend and renowned artist Alexander Mijares at the Sacred Space event centre.

Three of his children, Harper, Cruz, 15, and Romeo, 18, were given huge canvases and got to paint whatever they wanted.

"Arts and crafts day, special gift from Mijares," David wrote on a photo of Harper busy at work.

Harper chose to paint a colourful parrot sitting on top of a stack of books, while Cruz opted for a very modern pop art of a Kaws meets Basquiat inspired teddy bear.

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