Vera star speaks out on Brenda Blethyn taking break from ITV series

Brenda Blethyn discusses the appeal of her character Vera

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In a previous interview ahead of series 12, Vera star Brenda Blethyn admitted she often thinks about “calling it a day” when she finishes filming due to being away from home for six months at a time. However, she quickly changes her mind when she sees what the drama means to her co-stars. Speaking exclusively to, Riley Jones discussed whether he thinks Brenda will ever retire.

He also addressed his future on the show as Mark Edwards.

When asked whether Brenda has ever mentioned leaving the show, Riley began: “Well, I think it’s like any job, especially a job where it’s so intense.

“Especially for Brenda obviously, she’s in pretty much every scene and she has so much dialogue, it’s a lot of work and it’s very intense for Brenda.

“So, like any job when you do a big stint where you finish it and you just think, ‘I just need a break’.”

Riley continued: “The thing about Brenda and why she is still working and why she’s doing the quality of work that she is doing is because she has that desire to be doing good work.

“We all need that little bit of downtime to recharge the batteries and then hopefully, it goes again and we do another one.”

The final episode of series 12 will air on Sunday, and while series 13 hasn’t been confirmed, the Mark Edwards star remains hopeful.

“Yeah, I don’t know,” he admitted when quizzed about filming another series.

“I obviously hope there is and I’ll be waiting to see if we get that call.

“And when we do it’s all go, but I am in the know as much as you.”

Speaking about hanging up her hat, Brenda previously explained: “When we finish filming, as we just have, I always say, ‘I really don’t think I can do this anymore’.

“But then I have a rest, get my appetite back, and change my mind.

“I suddenly might get a bright idea about what to do with Vera and suggest who might be cast in it.

“The emotional feeling also comes in – thinking of all the other people who are still there who want to do more.

“And Ann Cleeves is currently writing her 11th Vera novel. So that hasn’t been dealt with on-screen yet and you feel like you’d be letting her down.”

Series 12 did see the exit of one beloved character after Malcolm Donahue (Paul Kaye) decided to leave.

The pathologist was quickly replaced by Paula Bennett (Sarah Kameela Impey), who received mixed opinions from viewers.

Discussing Paul’s departure from the show, Riley added: “I don’t really get many scenes with Paul, so I haven’t really had much time with him unfortunately.

“But the bits of time that I have been able to spend with him, he is such a lovely guy.

“I’ve got a lot of time for him and I mean he’s had such an amazing career.”

Vera airs on Sunday at 8pm on ITV.

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