Vaccines dont stop infection! Sturgeons Covid passport give false reassurance

Vaccine passport: Virologist reveals ‘limitation’ of Covid pass

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A virologist has warned that even “vaccines don’t stop infection completely in everybody”, as Nicola Sturgeon is set to make vaccine passports mandatory for nightclubs and large events in Scotland. A further 6,107 people have tested positive, with the number of people in hospitals doubling in the past 10 days.

Virologist Chris Smith told BBC ScotNine: So you’re about 20 times less likely to have a severe or fatal run-in with Coronavirus if you’ve been vaccinated than if you haven’t.

The thing that’s more difficult to reconcile with some kind of passport agenda or constraint is that the vaccines don’t stop infection completely in everybody.

They do a good job, and they probably protect about two-thirds of people from infection, full stop.

He went on:“But that still means maybe a third of people who have been vaccinated may still catch the infection.

Now, they’ll catch the infection and have a trivial infection which means that’s good news for them, but then potentially still infectious and therefore capable of passing on the infection.

So one possible limitation of using aa sort of passport if your name is on the list, you can come in approach is that that may give false reassurance to some people who will go to these venues, they’ll get let in, but they’re not necessarily immune.”

Dr Smith added: They could still pass on the infection; they could be carrying the infection on entry.

“They could also acquire the infection once they’ve been allowed entry.”

Nicola Sturgeon has said that vaccine passports are to be required for entry to nightclubs and many large events in Scotland.

Ms Sturgeon said the move was needed to help stem the recent surge in the number of cases.

And several areas of Scotland are among the regions with the highest rates of the virus in Europe.

The plans will apply to indoor and outdoor events, and will need to be signed off by MSPs next week.

However, opposition parties have said the Scottish government’s proposals are an infringement of civil liberties.

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