Tragic death scenes revealed in Corrie pictures

Coronation Street cast have been filming the latest developments in Emma Brooker’s (Alexandra Mardell) tragic storyline which sees her dad die, leaving her crushed. But, of course, it’s just the beginning of a life changing journey for the bubbly stylist as she discovers she has been lied to all her life?

When Emma hears that her dad has died after a battle with cancer, she is understandably distraught and will have Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) as her support as she attends his funeral. It is mentioned that her mum is estranged from her and we will later discover that it is none other than Fiona Middleton (Angela Griffin).

This leads Emma to the stunning discovery that the dad she has just said goodbye to was never her biological father but her dad is in fact the ever fertile Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson). In new scenes, Emma is emotional as she collects the ashes of the man she knew as her dad and Steve is on hand, along with James Bailey, to offer her support.

But is Emma rejecting Steve’s efforts? Previous scenes that have been filmed saw Emma preparing to leave the Street behind, with Tracy (Kate Ford) of all people sent with the mission of persuading her that she is welcome and part ofthe family.

But whether Emma actually wants to be part of the family remains to be seen.

The storyline will see scenes involving Angela as Fiona but the focus will remain on Emma’s journey of discovery and her subsequent relationship with Steve. Can they form any kind of bond or is it a case of too little, too late?

In between takes, the cast members are clearly getting on well and enjoying working on the storyline as they laugh and joke off camera.

The scenes are expected to air in late summer but Emma willget her initial bad news in coming weeks.

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