Tipping Point contestant makes history after smashing two records in first round

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Tipping Point viewers were left stunned after a contestant beat the show’s record for most counters dropped and most money made during a single drop.

As electrician Phil from Cornwall took his chance on the machine in a bid to bag the £10k prize, he was stunned to witness a staggering 22 counters make it over the tipping point, breaking the previous record of 21.

He also managed to smash the record for most money earned in a single drop after he was able to drop the double-up counter, turning his £1,100 in £2,200.

Stunned host Ben Shephard took a moment to congratulate the player, telling him: “The previous Tipping Point record in round one with a double was 21 counters, you’ve just beaten that record.

“That’s 22 counters across the tipping. That’s a huge drop over 1000 episodes that’s the biggest one we’ve ever seen in this round that’s a massive 22 counters across the tipping point giving £1,100.

“But we can double it for your Phil coz you got your hands on the double giving you another £1,100 which takes you to £2,200 in one drop.

“Very impressive stuff there’s a bit of Tipping Point history there Phil, well done.”

Shocked fans took to Twitter to react.

“This is the #TippingPoint equivalent of being six-nil up after ten minutes, it really doesn't matter what happens from this point onwards …,” said one viewer.

Another quipped: “Taxi for 3 passengers required ASAP #tippingpoint.”

A third said: “The other 3 might as well head home now!”

While a fourth added: “The Mother of all drops #tippingpoint

After making it to the final, Phil took on the machine once again hoping to continue his luck and bag the £10k prize pot.

“An extraordinary amount of damage done in round with that fabulous drop,” said Ben as he began his Q&A.

Phil didn’t have much luck in the final round, claiming he “used all his luck inn the first round.”

He left with £3,500.

A previous contestant broke the record for most money earned in the first round after bagging £1,500 throughout a series of drops.

Ben told contestant Torah: "Torah! Wow! Six more for you, another £300".

The host then made a surprising revelation: "You have managed to create a little bit of Tipping Point history, because that is a record in this round without a double, Torah. £1,500 is a huge total, congratulations! Breaking Tipping Point records".

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