Thrashing you Bradley Walsh takes swipe at The Chase player for wrong answer

The Chase: Bradley says he should be a player on the show

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During Wednesday’s The Chase, ITV host Bradley Walsh welcomed four new contestants to take on Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha. Players Claire from Glasgow, Gordon from Glossop, Elliott from South Shields and Risha from London had to work together as they each went head to head with the quizzer.

Claire was the first player to take on Paul and she managed to answer an impressive six questions correctly in the cashbuilder round.

When she faced The Chaser, Paul gave her the option to win the £6,000 she’d already banked, a low offer of £600 or a high offer of £22,000.

After speaking to her fellow teammates, the historian student decided to go with the £6,000.

Despite getting off to a great start, Claire wasn’t a match for Paul and she stumbled on a number of questions.

Bradley couldn’t resist taking a swipe at the player when he managed to get three of her questions correct in a row.

He even questioned why he was hosting the show as Bradley joked he was “thrashing” both Claire and Paul.

The host asked the duo: “What term describes a carpet with a tightly curled pile?”

Both Paul and Claire answered, Shag, but Bradley told them it was Twist.

“I am thrashing these two,” Bradley joked. “Thrashing them. I’d be home now with £1million.

“I should be a player, what am I doing hosting the show? I should play you.”

At the end of the round, it was the end of the road for Claire and she was sent home.

Gordon was up next and after answering seven questions correctly, he went head to head with Paul.

The Sinnerman gave the player the option to win a low offer of £1,000 or a high offer of £30,000.

Despite being tempted to play for the low offer, Gordon told the host he was going to go with his gut and play for the £7,000.

Gordon sailed through to the final, however, things didn’t go so well for his fellow contestant Elliott.

The player failed to answer many of his multiple-choice questions correctly and so was the second player to be sent packing.

Gordon then had to rely on the last player standing, Risha, to make it through to the final with him.

The public relations officer managed to answer three questions correctly in her cashbuilder, and despite Gordon urging her to play for the minus offer, Risha wanted to go for the £3,000.

Although, Risha was quickly caught out by Paul, leaving Gordon alone in the final.

The musician had to answer as many questions as he could in just two minutes.

Paul then had the same amount of time to beat Gordon’s attempt.

However, poor Gordon was no match because Paul rose to victory with 35 seconds to spare.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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