This Morning fans baffled at £1million winners underwhelmed reaction

This Morning viewers were left unimpressed at a prize winner’s reaction to winning £1 million after she received a phone call from the show to tell her the good news.

Andi Peters originally rang the contestant to reveal the news and presenters Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary spoke to the lucky winner again, who seemed all but pleased about her million pound prize: "Oh it’s so lovely to hear from you," Alison began.

"Now I’ve got to ask you, how did you remain so calm after hearing that you’d won a million pounds?" to which the surprisingly unaffected response came: "Well, I thought it was a joke, so I was lost for words really. I’m still in shock."

Dermot reminded the winner that she was offered two options – which were the chance to have the £1 million or £10k a month for the next ten years which bring the total to £1.2 million – and asked her: "I can’t believe you’re gonna tell us, you’ve had seven days to decide, so have you made your decision?"

Again, in an underwhelmed tone the winner replied: "Yeah, I’ve had a chat with my family and I think we’d love to take the one million in one go.

"We were just looking to re-mortgage actually so we can renovate our house because it definitely needs upgrading, so this will change our lives completely."

Despite the massive win that makes the Essex contestant – who wishes to remain anonymous – a millionaire, her lacklustre reaction has left fans unimpressed.

Viewers of the programme took to Twitter to voice their confusion at her reaction, where one wrote: "Imagine winning a million quid and acting like that – so ungrateful."

Another joked: "The million pound winner sounded decidedly underwhelmed – I'd have been screaming like a banshee."

One fan even suggested: "Imagine being that reserved and ‘meh’ finding out you’ve won a million quid […] take it back off her."

"Please can you explain to me why dosh on your doorstep is given away in huge estates? Why aren’t you going to more deprived areas? A million quid was given away the other day & the recipient sounded like an actress," accused another Twitter user.

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