There's a Good Reason Why a 'Kissing Booth 4' Is Never Going to Happen

If you’re planning to catch The Kissing Booth 3 today and wondered to yourself Is Netflix making a ‘Kissing Booth 4’? Is there going to be another ‘Kissing Booth’??, then I’m sorry my friend, but the answer is no. The third movie in The Kissing Booth series is the absolute *last* one, and now that it’s on Netflix today, new sequels are very unlikely. Gasp! Say it ain’t so!! Sry bb, it v much is so.

Netflix has called The Kissing Booth 3 the “third and final” movie in ~official~ press materials. And if that doesn’t convince you, Noah Flynn himself (aka Jacob Elordi) has gone on major public record to say it’s really over. “This is really the last kiss,” he told Vanity Fair.

But ending with three movies actually makes so much sense. Let me explain: The films are based on a novel trilogy by author Beth Reekles, with the third book The Kissing Booth 3: One Last Time dropping this month too. That book title—”one last time“—is just another confirmation that this is indeed the end. Deep sigh.

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While we must accept this loss, the new movie will at least answer all the cliffhangers from The Kissing Booth 2. We can’t be mad at a nicely done wrap-up!

Anddd, if you know you’ll crave more of Elle and the gang once it’s all said and done (bc don’t we all), Beth wrote a novella spin-off (!!!) that takes place after The Kissing Booth, called The Beach House. It’s published IRL but if you want to read Beth’s draft, which is slightly different than the edited version, you can find it right here.

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The time has come to say goodbye to The Kissing Booth. We know you’ll be tuning in to the movie…but will you read the books now too?!

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