The Walking Dead’s Samantha Morton admits ‘awful, scary’ zombie extras left her terrified on set

THE Walking Dead’s Samantha Morton has admitted ‘awful, scary’ zombie extras left her terrified on set.

The 42-year-old actress may have played Alpha – the leader of the Whisperers – who wears a mask made of skin from walkers, but that didn't stop her being freaked out by the extras around her.

*Spoilers ahead for the latest episode of season 10 of The Walking Dead*

Speaking about her time on the show after Alpha was killed by Negan in the latest episode, Samantha told Entertainment Weekly: "They scare me. The zombies scare me so much. They're so real, man.

"I'm there, I'm having my lunch, and some poor person is dressed as a zombie, and it's real.

"It's like that scene in American Wolf in London, and he's sitting in his hospital bed, and his mate comes in, he's been attacked, and he's eating his toast, and everything.

"It's that same feeling inside. I just can't even look at them."

Samantha managed to overcome her fear when she was in character though, adding: "As Alpha, when I get into character, I'm fine.

"But when I'm just Sam, and I'm there having my lunch, I'm like, 'Oh!'

"So, when Alpha died and I'm having to go back to work, and I'm doing zombie stuff, I can't cope. I'm like, 'Oh! I don't like it!'"

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) duped Alpha into thinking he was holding her daughter Lydia in a cabin, but when she got there, it was empty.

As realisation dawned on the villain, Negan slit her throat before taking her zombified head to Carol.

Speaking about her zombie look, Samantha revealed it was a combination of green screen and a cast being made of her head.

She said: "It was a bit of both. I did a lot of zombie stuff, and there was greenscreen, and stuff like that too. So, a bit of both. It was awful, I hated it."
The Walking Dead continues on AMC on Sundays in the US and airs on FOX a day later in the UK.

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