The Umbrella Academy season 3 ending explained: What happened to Sloane?

The Umbrella Academy season 3 trailer

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The Umbrella Academy is back on Netflix with a third outing and this season was set in an alternate timeline. Since the Hargreeves siblings returned home, they discovered they had been replaced by the Sparrow Academy. has all you need to know about what happened to the newcomers, including Sloane (played by Genesis Rodriguez).

What happened in The Umbrella Academy season 3?

Unfortunately for the Sparrow Academy, most of the Sparrows ended up being killed with only Sloane and Ben (Justin H. Min) surviving.

Sloane was a mystery character in the new series as she does not have a comic book counterpart.

She is a dreamer who wants to explore the world beyond the academy.

As for her siblings, Marcus (Justin Cornwell) was the first to die after getting sucked into the Kugelblitz.

Harlan (Justin Paul Kelly) later killed Jayme (Cazzie David) and Alphonso (Jake Epstein).

Fei (Britne Oldford) and Christopher finally got killed by the Kugelbltiz by the end of the season.

As for Sloane, she did not appear with the rest of the family when they are transported to the courtyard.

If the timeline was reset, there is a chance Sloane is where she would have ended up had Reginald (Colm Feore) not taken her under his wing.

Alternatively, Sloane could be trapped between timelines.

She may even be living in a world where she does not remember her time with Luther.

Fans were surprised to see Sloane and Luther (Tom Hopper) exploring a new relationship this season.

Taking to Twitter, Mal said: “Luther and Sloane are sooo cute i ship it. #TheUmbrellaAcademy.”

Baxter Ellis said: “Luther deserves this, him and sloane are so good together.

“After everything he’s gone through he deserves to be happy. #TheUmbrellaAcademy” [Sic]

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Sloane has been branded a fan-favourite for season three and it is hoped she will return if the series is renewed.

Elsewhere in the final episode, the new Reginald was discovered to be equally as manipulative.

He almost killed everyone by using his machine to drain their existence.

Thankfully, Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) came to her senses and realised what Reginald was up to, and she attacked him.

After this, the entire universe was reset with the original Hargreeves siblings arriving in a courtyard where the hotel used to be.

Everyone is safe and well, however, they no longer possess their powers.

Reginald’s reset seems to have taken away everyone’s special abilities.

The group then disbanded and viewers will be keen to find out where they end up next.

Season four has not yet been given the green light by Netflix, but more information should come to light in the coming weeks.

The Umbrella Academy season 3 is on Netflix now.

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