'The Pioneer Woman': Ree Drummond Shares Photo of Paige and Fred Cuddling and Fans Can't Get Enough

Ree Drummond is known as The Pioneer Woman, which gives name to her empire and Food Network show. The celebrity chef is one of the most recognizable stars on the specialty cable network and her show is one of the most popular ones. Every week, Drummond updates her fans on the happenings around the ranch and her family members. Fans have adopted the Drummonds as an extension of their families and constantly refreshing their social media feeds to see what the TV personality shares online. Drummond shared one of the most cutest photos yet and it involved her daughter Paige and their dog, Fred.

Cuteness overload on Ree Drummond’s Instagram

Instagram is a lovely place to share photos of everyday life and Drummond is a source of content. The Food Network star often shares moments from her daily life that are not seen on her cooking show. You can never go wrong with share pictures of your furry friends and Drummond shared one of her dog Fred and daughter Paige that was cuteness overload.

“Hopelessly devoted to…Fred,” Drummond shared on Instagram. “I mean, he’s just so mushy and pliable and cuddly. (You’re cute too, Paige! Not quite as mushy…but still cute! ) Swipe forward to see Freddles’ cute Basset lips. Bye!”

The first image Drummond posted had her daughter Paige cuddling with Fred on a couch. A second image was a birds-eye-view of both of the aforementioned looking snuggly. The last picture was a closeup of Fred’s face that was the most adorable thing you could ever see.


‘The Pioneer Woman’ fans can’t get enough

Dogs are such a gift to humanity and fans couldn’t get enough of the photos Drummond shared online. It wasn’t long before the post was flooded with comments of love.

“Nothing like those paws,” a fan replied.

“Warm stinky dog hugs are some of my favorite hugs ever on this Earth,” a follower added.

“That’s just LOVE right there. We had Basset hound as kids…,” an Instagram user noted.

“Ohhhh I want to snuggle that adorable pup,” another fan said.

“Dogs are simply the BEST nap buddies !!!!!!!!” another follower mentioned.

“Our fur babies sure do love cuddling with us,” another Instagram user added.

However, not all the mentions were interested in the photos and there was one user that stuck out by the request they made.

“I want to know more about the sofa! Where did you get it???” the social media user asked.

What kind of dog is Fred?

Many of Drummond’s fans recognized that Fred was a basset hound, which the American Kennel Club says it’s a “perennial favorite of dog lovers all over the world.” The AKC also says that the dog doesn’t grow more than 14 inches and can weigh between 40 to 65 pounds.

These dogs are said to be independent and therefore not the easiest to train. However, they are only second to the Bloodhound’s nose in their ability to smell. AKC rates this breed as one that is good with young children as well as with other dogs.

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