The Last Kingdom’s Uhtred star Alexander Dreymon celebrates milestone ‘Congratulations’

Alexander Dreymon thanks fans as The Last Kingdom wraps

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Alexander Dreymon has played Uhtred of Bebbanburg since the very first episode of The Last Kingdom and was thrilled to see the Saxon series was still incredibly popular with fans despite coming to an end. The actor took to Instagram to pay tribute to fans of the show as he detailed how many hours the series has been watched for.

Sharing an image of himself as Uhtred in a still for The Last Kingdom on Instagram, Alexander penned: “Wow. #1 globally.

“Huge thanks to @netflix and to all our amazing fans (old and new) for watching!

“Congratulations to the whole TLK family. I’m so proud to be part of the team.”

The image posted by Alexander showed The Last Kingdom had been the number one most watched show between March 14 and March 20.

It also revealed the show had been watched for 48,950,000 hours that week.

Fans of the actor rushed to congratulate him on such a milestone with Udo Photography commenting: “Congratulations my friend!”

Millie Brady added: “Wow this really is incredible,” while I Am Erin Marie posted: “I’ve rematched the entire series – so good.”

Samuelson Magnus continued: “Destiny is all Lord Uthread.”

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It comes just days after Alexander confirmed The Last Kingdom spin-off film Seven Kings Must Die had wrapped.

Alongside a video of himself on set, the actor told fans: “That’s a wrap on @thelastkingdom, on Seven Kings Must Die, and on Uhtred, son of Uhtred.

“As you can tell, I’m slightly out of it, exhausted and overwhelmed.

“Overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who has gotten us to this point…our cast and crew, @carnivalfilms & @nbcuniversal and, of course, all of you.

“Thank you @netflix for allowing us to travel all the way to Bebbanburg and beyond.

“I feel so lucky that I got to live part time in Uhtred’s skin for so many years. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.”

At the end of The Last Kingdom season five, Uhtred could be seen looking out over the sea reliving the major moments of his life.

Reflecting on the moment, Alexander told Variety: “It’s so hard to get it right, the ending.

“That scene was an idea by Jon East, who is the director of the final two episodes. He worked with us several times before and he’s a very, very dear friend of mine.

“He had that idea of having like a little best of reel at the end. But in order to get the right emotional tone for me during that time, basically what we did, it was just one take, and we set up the camera.

“And I went up to the battlements and he just talked me through all of the moments. We had sat down before and we looked at which moments we wanted to incorporate into it.

“And then he just talked to me throughout the take, and I relived all those moments that we went through and again, because he’s somebody that I feel so close to and that I feel so comfortable being vulnerable with, it was a very, very easy organic process. It was a wonderful experience.”

The Last Kingdom seasons 1-5 are available to watch on Netflix now.

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