The Larkins newest star Joelle Rae pays tribute to co-stars

The Larkins: Bradley Walsh introduces on-screen family

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On October 16, ITV viewers will get to see young star Joelle Rae make her debut in the drama as part of the Larkin family. The 21-year-old will be taking over the role of Ma and Pop’s eldest daughter Mariette in the second series of the Darling Buds of May remake. Speaking to, the actress detailed how it felt to be joining an established cast.

In the finale of series one viewers were thrilled when Mariette and taxman Charley (Tok Stephen) ventured off to Paris to explore their romance.

Throughout the show, fans saw a spark between the young couple although they kept missing their chance to be with each other right until the very end of the six-part series.

With series two on the horizon, set to air on ITV on October 16, their romance will continue to blossom as they make their way back to the picturesque countryside of Kent. 

Although the character will now be played by 21-year-old Joelle Rae who has taken over from Sabrina Bartlett, who decided to leave the drama.

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Speaking to, the young actress paid tribute to her new co-stars and described what it was like walking on set of the period show.

She said: “It was all really exciting. I didn’t know a lot about The Larkins during the audition process and I didn’t realise how huge it was.

“Joining the cast was all very surreal for me, it was all very like, ‘What’s going on, is this actually happening?!’

“But, it was so welcoming, it didn’t feel as though I was walking onto set and everybody already knew each other; it felt like it was just one big family.”

Although Joelle already knew one of the Larkin siblings on the show as she trained with actress Lydia Page who plays Primrose.

It looks as though this upcoming series will see Primrose have her own romantic arc following in her sister’s footsteps with the new arrivals of young Reverend Candy (Maxim Ays).

In the recently released teaser for the show, viewers see the teen confess to Pop that she’s in love with him.

However, there’s trouble brewing in the village with the arrival of the Jerebohm family as they end up butting heads with The Larkins.


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An overview of the second series confirms that Pinkie Jerebohm (Morgana Robinson) and her husband (Julian Rhind-Tutt) want to buy Bluff Court from The Larkins.

They both end up regretting their decision after paying such a high price for the crumbling mansion which the family then refuses to refund.

Vowing to get revenge on The Larkins they first take up shooting before getting the help of Alec Norman to entrap Pop.

A synopsis for the first episode of the new series reads: “Pop Larkin hustles himself an offer he can’t refuse from Pinkie and Mr Jerebohm for the huge crumbling mansion next door.

“It’s a lucrative deal and there’s enough profit to start building a swimming pool. Ma and Pop struggle to warm to their new neighbours after a hilariously dire dinner party at the big house.

“And despite the Larkins’ typically upbeat efforts, it goes downhill from there, as the Jerebohms reach for their guns, are humiliated by Pop, and declare war.

“Primrose is about to leave school and is set on a career as a journalist. She’s also falling in love with the Rev Candy, newly arrived and locking horns with the tricky old Vicar.

“Primrose fearlessly asks the heavenly Reverend out and is shocked when he turns her down, but she’s not giving up.”

The Larkins season two airs on October 16 on ITV.

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