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THE GOLD has captured fans by storm – and while only three episodes have aired on TV, addicted viewers are already demanding a season two. 

With the full series already available via box set on BBC iPlayer, some have chosen to zoom through the tale which is based on the true story of Brinks-Mat robbery at Heathrow in 1983.

With £26million in gold bullion stolen from Johnson Matthey Bankers Ltd, the series follows what transpired afterwards, including a significant laundering scam and a long-held investigation to bring those responsible to justice.

The bank also collapsed as a result of the biggest heist in the world's history at the time, with four out of the six men involved in the heist never getting caught. 

Hugh Bonneville leads the cast as DCS Brian Boyce, who's in charge of finding the masterminds.

The series follows the intricate business dealings that transpired in the aftermath, with some of the tale being even further elaborated from the already wild truth. 


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During episode three, 'The Consequences are Mine', which aired on Sunday night, police begin to close in on Kenneth Noye (played by Jack Lowden), setting up surveillance on him and his home. 

They also start getting leads towards John Palmer – aka a conman known as 'The Goldfinger' – and more of the gold chain suspects. 

The resulting raid end in tragedy in Noye's garden, with him finally being arrested. 

But the series still has decades of these characters to play with – and viewers are desperate for more. 

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One fan wrote: "Just finished all episodes of #thegold and totally enjoyed it! Brilliant acting by all involved. Please say there will be Series 2 ?" 

"PLEASE say that ending means #TheGold is coming back? Really great show," added a second," while a third said: "Things got even crazier after the point where the series ends… #TheGold 2?"

"We’ve just finished watching #thegold, a cracking thriller and looks forward to the inevitable second series," added a fourth. "Once again Sean Harris plays a happy-go-lucky family man….. He can display all the characteristics of a menacing psychopath with just a nod of the head." 

"#TheGold I’m afraid I binge-watched it over two nights," said a fifth. "Some true stories are better than fiction.  There must be a second series." 

The Gold is available in full now on BBC iPlayer and continues weekly on Sundays at 9pm on BBC One. 

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