The Chases Bradley Walsh left red-faced after players flirty willy comment

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The Chase host Bradley Walsh was left completely red-faced on Wednesday after one contestant directed an undeniably flirty comment at him.

Denise, Edwin, Christine and Sean were the four contestants stepping up to attempt to beat the chaser to a hopefully hefty prize-pot.

Red-headed Denise was first up to face chaser Anne Hegarty – AKA The Governess – and chatted to Bradley first about her home life before heading into the Cash-Builder round.

Denise explained she worked for an online retailer, selling games.

Bradley quickly quizzed her: "What's your biggest seller?"

Which is when Denise flirtily chimed in: "Jet Set Willy!"

She explained: "You'd love a bit of Jet Set Willy, Brad – it's really good!"

As soon as Anne stepped up to take her seat at the podium, she leapt onto the cheeky comment, adding: "Hello Denise – I love a bit of Jet Set Willy!"

It could all have been innocent, of course, as Jet Set Willy is actually a platformer game from 1984, featuring a protagonist named Willy who has to tidy his house after a huge party.

Willy must explore his huge mansion, filled with various fantastical creatures, to clean up so that he can finally get some sleep.

The show was packed full of flirty banter on Wednesday, as contestant Edwin couldn't resist engaging in some teasing with Anne.

But The Governess wasn't having it, as she barked at him to fix his tie, snapping: "I need you to fix your collar before you flirt with me!"

Edwin enlisted Brad's help to fix his knot, as Anne rolled her eyes and added: "Whenever you're ready boys!"

"Half Windsor, with a centre pleat, how's that?" Bradley asked as he showed off his handiwork.

But despite his most valiant attempts, Edwin was caught out by Anne before making it to the Final Chase – as Bradley joked she had ensnared him in her "trap".

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