The Chase: ‘You can’t say that!’ Bradley Walsh scolds Mark Labbett over John Craven swipe

Bradley Walsh welcomed a host of celebrities on to this evening’s special edition of The Chase, alongside today’s chaser Mark Labbett.

Actor Patrick Baladi, cyclist Vicky Williamson, TV legend John Craven and actor Kevin Eldron all hoped to take home the jackpot prize for their chosen charities.

Patrick was the first celebrity to face the chaser and after beating Mark he added £6,000 to the jackpot.

Cyclist Vicky earned her spot in the final with a £4,000 cash builder round.

But John had a disappointing round, answering just three questions correctly. 

As he faced The Beast, Mark began: “I grew up watching you read the news and now I’ve got news for you.”

“You’re leaving,” he swiped.

But host Bradley was less than impressed and hit back: “You can’t say that! That’s John Craven.”

Explaining himself, Mark remarked: “I know but fortunately when I’m up here, I don’t have a conscience.”

Moving on with the show, despite his unlucky cash builder round, John decided to opt for the higher offer of £70,000.

With an impressive performance, John secured his spot in the final and added the huge sum to the jackpot prize.

The Chase fans were quick to comment on John’s winning round and took to social media to comment.

One said: “After work relaxation, …get in John Craven #thechase.”

“#JohnCraven, you absolute legend. That was fantastic #TheChase,” a second wrote.

A third said: “Incredible scenes on The Chase there! #TheChase.”

“John Craven is an absolute legend! #TheChase,” a fourth tweeted.

Another fan remarked: “Way to go John Craven! #TheChase.”

Kevin was the final celebrity to face Mark and made today’s final chase a full house. 

The actor earned £7,000 in his cash builder round but opted for the lower offer of £1,000 to secure his spot in the final.

However the team’s luck finally ran out and the celebrities were beaten by The Beast.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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