'The Challenge' Season 37: Every Team Pairing Headed Into Week 2

MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 is officially underway, and the backstabbing dramatics have already begun. The first episode of Spies, Lies, and Allies showed the 17 U.S. contestants pairing up with the 17 rookies, and the new elimination twist changes up the game completely. So, who are the teams heading into week two? Here’s who they are, plus, The Challenge Season 37 spoilers regarding who gets disqualified from the game and shakes up the pairings even more.

[Spoiler alert: MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 spoilers ahead for who’s sent home episode 1 and who’s disqualified later.]

MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Season 37 saw U.S. players and international players pair up in week 1

The first episode of MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 started off with a bang. Players formed teams of two and would have to work together with their partners through the game to win daily challenges and avoid eliminations. So, how were the pairs initially determined? Every U.S. player was chained to a cinderblock tower while the international players raced to the tower to free them. Whoever the international player chose would be their partner at the beginning of the game.

Emanuel Neagu got to the cinderblock tower first and chose Kaycee Clark — a wise choice considering Kaycee’s track record for eliminations and daily wins. Kelz Dyke arrives next and goes for Tori Deal, and the players continue from there. Eventually, all of the U.S. operatives and international players successfully pair up, and some pairs are happier than others.

When it comes to the elimination, Michaela Bradshaw and Renan Hellemans are sent in against Michele Fitzgerald and Corey Lay. A new twist allowed “The Agency” — the daily challenge winners — to pick one man and one woman separate from their teams to compete against the nominated pairing. Michele and Corey won, sending Michaela and Renan home.

Who’s paired up in week 2?

With so many new players, a new elimination twist, and one international player already sent home, who’s paired with who going into the second week of MTV’s The Challenge Season 37?

To recap, TV Line has all of the pairings from episode 1. They are: Kelz Dyke/Tori Deal, Emanuel Neagu/Kaycee Clark, Kyle Christie/Amanda Garcia, Nam Vo/Michele Fitzgerald, Josh Martinez/Lauren Coogan, Logan Sampedro/Aneesa Ferreira, Hughie Maughan/Ashley Mitchell, Bettina Buchanan/Cory Wharton, Priscilla Anyabu/Nelson Thomas, Gabo Szabo/Nany Gonzalez, Renan Hellemans/Michaela Bradshaw, Emy Alupei/Corey Lay, Berna Canbeldek/CT Tamburello, Esther Agunbiade/Fessy Shafaat, Tracy Candela/Devin Walker, Big T Fazakerley/Tommy Sheehan, and Tacha Akide/Jeremiah White.

Episode 2, the pairings are as follows:

Corey Lay/Tori Deal

Emanuel Neagu/Kaycee Clark

Kyle Christie/Amanda Garcia

Devin Walker/Michele Fitzgerald

Josh Martinez/Lauren Coogan

Logan Sampedro/Aneesa Ferreira

Hughie Maughan/Ashley Mitchell

Bettina Buchanan/Cory Wharton

Priscilla Anyabu/Nelson Thomas

Gabo Szabo/Nany Gonzalez

Ed Eason/Emy Alupei

Berna Canbeldek/CT Tamburello

Esther Agunbiade/Fessy Shafaat

Kelz Dyke/Tracy Candela

Big T Fazakerley/Tommy Sheehan

Tacha Akide/Jeremiah White

MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Season 37 spoilers suggest a number of players leave or are disqualified

Fans haven’t found out why Nam left the competition just yet, but MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 spoilers seem to suggest it could have something to do with coronavirus (COVID-19) protocol. Spoilers suggest Nam had to leave the competition due to a scheduling conflict that made season 37 run longer because of the coronavirus scare.

Nam’s not the only one to leave the competition under unfortunate circumstances. Additional rumors from PinkRose on Vevmo and shared to the Challenge Fandom page suggest Lauren, Tommy, Aneesa, Fessy, and Ashley all get disqualified for various reasons.

We’ll have to wait and see what goes down this season on MTV’s The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies.

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