'The Bachelorette': Michelle Young's College Days Aren't on Her Instagram

The Bachelorette is in full swing, and Michelle Young has already stolen viewers’ hearts. Michelle was introduced to Bachelor Nation when she joined Matt James’ season of The Bachelor. The now 28-year-old teacher made it to the final two and became the bachelorette for season 18. Fans wanted to know everything they could about Michelle. They took interest in her time at Bradley University, where she studied to become a teacher and played basketball. However, fans won’t find photos of Michelle’s college days on her Instagram for an interesting reason.

Where did Michelle Young go to college?

Michelle attended Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois from 2011-2015. While there, she studied hard to become a teacher. Michelle was an outstanding student, making the Bradley AD Honor Roll every single semester. According to Bradley University‘s athletic website, she was also awarded the MVC Presidents Council Academic Award (2015) and the MVC Commissioner’s Academic Excellence Award (2015 & 2014).

Michelle’s academic excellence is all the more impressive considering she played Division 1 basketball during all four years of college. She is now a successful fifth-grade teacher at Echo Park Elementary School in Burnsville, Minnesota.

Viewers won’t find photos of Michelle’s college days on her Instagram

When Michelle joined Matt’s season of The Bachelor, and especially after she was announced as the bachelorette, fans wanted to learn everything about the Minnesota native. However, if they were looking on Instagram, there wouldn’t be much to find.

Surprisingly, Michelle did not join Instagram until April 2020, not long before Matt’s season of The Bachelor began filming. “A little late to the Instagram party but, I made it,” she captioned her very first post. Matt certainly didn’t have to worry that Michelle was chasing social media followers.


Even now, Michelle hasn’t posted a ton of photos, yet she has amassed a following of over 570k. Fans are curious about the bachelorette’s life and Michelle is determined to be a positive role model. It’s apparent that teaching is still Michelle’s number one priority. Being the bachelorette comes second.

Michelle Young is a bachelorette and dedicated teacher

If fans thought Michelle’s students would take a back seat due to her newfound stardom, they couldn’t be more wrong. Michelle is a dedicated teacher who puts her students first. In fact, she only agreed to do the show on the condition that she wouldn’t miss time with her students. “I said, if you want me to do The Bachelorette, you’ve gotta move it to the summer, and they did,” she told The Star Tribune.

On Nov. 2, episode 3 of Michelle’s season aired on NBC. However, Michelle wasn’t having a relaxing evening at home. “So many people are gearing up for tonight’s episode, and I am gearing up for my last parent-teacher conference,” said Michelle in her Instagram story.

“Which honestly I would not have any other way,” she continued. “But you better believe when I’m finished I’m hopping in my car, I’m zooming home, safely, and I’m turning on The Bachelorette.”

The Bachelorette Season 18 airs Tuesday nights on ABC.

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