Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry reveals 'twenty FLYING SQUIRRELS' have infested her home and she's 'losing sleep' over crisis

KAILYN Lowry has been unable to sleep due to TWENTY flying squirrels "infesting" the attic of her home.

The Teen Mom star previously had a bat infestation and is now dealing with another type of flying rodent.

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Kailyn, 28, spoke about the incident on her most recent Coffee Convos podcast episode with friend Lindsie Chrisley.

The reality star revealed that "twenty flying squirrels" have taken residence in her attic, and she is at a loss for how to get rid of them.

"There is twenty, TWENTY, flying squirrels in my attic. Listen to me. Listen to me. There's TWENTY flying squirrels in my attic. I cannot make this s**t up and I don't understand," she ranted.

Kailyn then referenced her previous rodent issues, adding: "The people that removed the bats, I think I have to sue them. He put bait to lure them in, in my attic," she explained.

The Teen Mom 2 star recalled that she texted her builder: "There's flying f**king squirrels in my attic."

"How am I supposed to sell this house? I move out for 13 months and I come back to this.

"I couldn't sleep because there was f**king things in my attic," she admitted.

"I'm not a dirty person, I don't keep garbage around, I don't keep food out to get mice and rodents."

Kailyn hosts two podcasts regarding parenthood, Coffee Convos with Lindsie, and Baby Mamas No Drama with her co-parent Vee Rivera.

The MTV star recently faced backlash over her podcasts, as a troll took to Instagram to slam her new episodes.

Earlier this week, the blonde shared a selfie with Vee to promote their new installment, as they smiled happily side by side.

The young mom captioned her photo: "It’s BABY MAMA TUESDAY & I know I’m late. Have y’all listened to the new episode?

"We cover so many things & talk about how Vee was able to commit & settle down with Jo. We also talked about the Cecil Hotel. Have y’all watched the docuseries on Netflix? Should Vee & I stay there when/if it reopens?! 😳"

Though many showered the girls in compliments, one fan went after the star and her ventures.

"Why would anyone listen to your podcast?!!" they criticized, causing Kailyn to clap back in defense.

"Why would anyone care about this comment?" she roasted.

Vee, 28, is married to Kailyn's ex Jo Rivera, with whom she shares her 11-year-old son Isaac.

The busy mom also has her son Lincoln, 7, with ex-husband Javi Marroquin, and Lux, 3, and Creed, 6 months, with her ex Chris Lopez.

Kailyn has faced an excess of hate lately when fans showed distaste at her outings during the pandemic.

After trolls slammed the reality star for bringing her children to a waterpark during quarantine, she once again felt obliged to stand up for herself on social media.

 "So I am doing this story because I keep seeing trolls on Instagram pretty much drag me across the floor for doing anything during Covid in this whole pandemic," she expressed.

"So I just want to reiterate the fact that I get tested and so do my kids three times a week, and that all being said any person that I film with on the show for Teen Mom next season they're also being tested three times before they come film with me in person."

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