Teen Mom Jenelle Evans has 'kid-free weekend' with David after admitting she 'feared' he would take daughter Ensley away

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans went on a "kid-free weekend" with her husband David Eason, despite recently admitting she was scared he would take her daughter away.

The former reality star shared her romantic getaway on her Instagram Stories, where she bar-hopped and drank with her controversial spouse.

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Jenelle, 29, shared a series of photos and videos while she and her husband left their kids behind for some alone time.

The MTV star posted a selfie on her story looking excited as she wrote: "Kid free weekend."

She then uploaded a video in a brewery, where she and David, 32, held up their glasses to cheers.

Jenelle and her hubby then sipped very full martinis and shared a huge margarita as she wrote: "We're cute."

The love-filled trip comes as a bit of a surprise, as just yesterday the mom of three admitted there was a moment where she feared David would take her youngest daughter away.

After the father shot and killed their family dog Nugget in 2019, Jenelle uprooted her life and moved to Tennessee with her kids.

In a new vlog series, the young mom shared her experience during that time, when moved without clearing it with David first.

Jenelle revealed that her stealthiness worried her, as her husband could have technically shown up at any point and take back their daughter Ensley, four.

After he shot their dog, the TV personality explained that she felt she didn't "know" him anymore, she needed "space."

“This behavior from David, we don’t know when it will stop. I need to make him shut up because I’m just getting too stressed out," she added.

Jenelle felt her only choice was to get a no-contact order against the father of her child, reasoning: "So, I didn’t want him contacting me, I wanted to protect my kids, as well, and wanted to make sure he didn’t pull the same thing as me and come to take Ensley away from me when I wasn’t looking.

"I wanted to do this temporarily to basically show him, like, ‘Look, let’s control ourselves. Let’s be civil. Let’s not lash out. Let’s not post anything crazy. And let’s put some distance between us for a while until we figure things out.’”

On a previous episode, Jenelle confessed that she wanted separation from her husband because they had been "up each other's a** since 2015."

The Teen Mom 2 stars were fired from MTV due to David's violent actions, which fueled her decision further.

She acknowledged: "He ruined it so bad it's like I can't even work now and I want to pursue the goals that I have and it's always holding me back because of his attitude and him not changing."

After a few months apart, the couple reconciled and gave their relationship another try.

David has caused heavy controversy over the last year as he has made problematic claims regarding the Black Lives Matter movement.

Most recently, the ex-reality star slammed Black History Month as he claimed the celebration wasn't fair for the white population.

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