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TEEN Mom OG star Amber Portwood was rushed to the hospital after passing out weeks following her arrest for domestic violence.

In a sneak peek trailer for the season, Amber, 29, fainted while filming.

A producer screamed: “Out of the car, out of the car!”

A second producer is heard saying: “Guys Amber just fainted!”

An ambulance could then be seen arriving on the scene.

Also in the trailer, Amber cried over leaked audio, where she could be heard screaming at and threatening to kill baby daddy Andrew Glennon before her arrest.

She cried in the trailer: “Honestly when I heard those audios, I was ashamed.”

Andrew said in a scene with a producer: “I never wanted a broken family.”

Amber was arrested on July 5 for domestic violence against Andrew.

He accused her of hitting him with a shoe while he held their son James and of attacking a door with a machete while him and their 1-year-old were in the locked room.

On the season premiere of TMOG, Amber told Gary Shirley, the father of her daughter Leah, 11, that her “number one regret” was not walking out of the house.

She said: “I look back and I am so ashamed. Amber, you should’ve walked out of that house.”

But she insisted: “There are limits to somebody with mental health disorders. There is only so much somebody like me can handle. People like me will understand that.”

Amber suffers from bipolar and borderline personality disorders.

When Gary said she has learned from her mistakes, she responded: “I just have a lot of guilt of not being aware of myself more than I should have.

“I really do feel ashamed that I didn’t have that. I should after all the things I have done to change.”

She then slammed Andrew.

Amber said: “This guy is on a level of something I’ve never discovered in my life.

“Bro you are literally taking me for every single thing I have ever worked for in my life! To the point of my son. I couldn’t believe it at first. We’re at war.”

Amber accepted a plea deal and is on probation for three years.

After the arrest, Andrew filed for emergency full and legal custody of James.

As part of their court agreement, Andrew has primary custody of James, while they share joint legal custody.

Amber has three unsupervised visits a week with their son.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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