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SUPERNANNY's most infamous child star has left fans floored as she looks worlds away from her childhood days – 18 years on from the classic episode.

The hit Channel 4 programme made a star and household name out of its host Jo Frost who enjoyed a global career thanks to the success of the show but only a handful of the children she visited are often thought about to this day.

Meghann Cooke is one of those with her 2005 episode of the programme prompting countless memes and clips and regularly goes viral on social media due to her no-nonsense attitude with Jo and her daring backchat.

However, 18 years on Meghann has re-appeared and responded to fan questions on TikTok as her episode continues to resurface and rack up millions of views and likes.

During the 2005 episode, Jo had her work cut out for her as Meghann proved to be one of the most difficult children of all time on the show.

In one notable moment, Meghann continually attempted to correct Jo on her pronunciation of the word 'unacceptable' which led to Jo furiously snapping back.

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The unruly child also claimed on many occasions that the programme was 'her show' and therefore she 'could do what [she] likes' and also referring to herself as 'the director'.

In another standout moment, Meghann shouted at Jo: "My friend thinks you're a b**ch and so do I!"

It appeared that Jo's tactics would struggle to resonate with Meghann who often took pride in her bad behaviour including correcting the cameras when she was asked about 'pinching' someone by answering back: "I didn't pinch her, I hit her!"

Now clips of Meghann responding to the episode have also gone viral as she continues to be remembered for her fleeting reality TV appearance 18 years down the line.

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The now 26 year old sports a glamorous look and debuted her flowing locks and minimal make-up in the new clip.

Fans were shocked at her transformation as one declared: "No way is this her?"

Shocked at seeing the meme queen in the present day one fan wrote: "It's actually Meghann from Supernanny!"

Speaking about her time on the show, she insisted that her behaviour changed as she simply grew up, saying: "For us I don't really think Jo changed us.

"Over a few years after Jo visited us, we grew up and the dynamic changed in our family and that made us behave better."

Another scene which showed the child launching at nanny Jo to slap her prompted a question from a fan if the moment was scripted.

Meghann replied: "It wasn’t scripted me hitting Jo…. I lashed out, a lot."

The star also revealed some behind-the-scenes secrets from the show, including that the TV's being switched off as a punishment were simply a producer's tactic of covering up the fact it could not be turned on for copyright reasons.

The child star divulged: "We were used to getting ready in the morning, watching TV, getting our hair done, having our friends round. We weren’t allowed to watch the TV because, obviously, copyright reasons they can’t have the television on.

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"We weren’t allowed to have friends around because they shouldn’t really have our friends in the video – and we weren’t allowed to wear certain clothes, like, we weren’t allowed to wear clothes with branding and stuff on them."

Meghann is now a mum and has parlayed the fan interest from the show into her role as a TikTok star where she boasts just under 100,000 followers and 3.2 million likes.

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