Suicide trauma for Ian Beale as he eats Sharon's poison spaghetti in EastEnders

Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) attempted to take his own life in EastEnders tonight (January 22), with Sharon’s (Letitia Dean) poisoned spaghetti.

Ian had his suspicions about Sharon, after Max Branning (Jake Wood) whispered in his ear, and took him for some blood tests.

However, it was the discovery of Dennis Rickman’s (Bleu Landau) phone that sealed the deal for him — as did a voicemail from the doctor, which confirmed there was reason to be concerned regarding his blood results.

Ian was on tenterhooks as he sat at the table ahead of dinner, while Sharon nervously plated up his meal.

Sharon grew impatient as Ian was evidently stalling in taking a bite of the poisoned dish, and before long, he confronted her with her suspicions.

The landlady soon dropped the act, confirming that she is trying to kill him, before allowing him to listen to Dennis’ final voicemail.

Ian broke down in tears, and revealed that — in spite of Sharon’s belief that he is responsible for Dennis’ death — he did, in fact, try to rescue the young boy.

Sharon refused his apology, revealed their entire marriage was a sham, and ultimately called him ‘pathetic’. She informed him that everybody hates him and he doesn’t deserve to live.

Her words evidently hit home for Ian, and he agreed with her sentiment that he deserved to die.

Therefore, he started eating the poisoned spaghetti.

Sharon was stunned, and informed him that he should eat it, and she won’t pity him, but she soon saw sense, and — incredibly emotional — she did all she could to prevent her former best friend from following through with his plan to take his own life.

She made Ian vomit what he’d taken, before telling him that she was planning on leaving.

However, it was ultimately Ian who left, as he took one final look around the place he called home for 36 years.

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