Stranger Things bosses say show’s ending has been mapped out since season 1 and won't keep ‘churning out’ more episodes

STRANGER Things bosses reveal they had mapped out the show's ending since the very first series.

The Netflix original premiered in 2016 to little fanfare but has since become the most popular show in the streaming platform's history.

Creators Matt and Ross Duffer, both 36, were unsure if the show would resonate with audiences and recently described how they've been preparing for the conclusion ever since the show began.

The Duffers also made sure that the first season of the series had the perfect blend of offering some form of an ending, but at the same time leaving the door open for the story to continue.

The duo told Deadline: "We've known the ending of the show for quite a while.

"The honest truth is we didn't know if we'd go beyond Season One, so we like the idea of Season One that it could function basically as its own standalone piece, like almost as a limited series."

They added: "But it had the potential to go beyond that. And if it were to go beyond that, we had an idea of where it would go.

"Yeah, and we have an ending in mind. We don't want to just keep churning it out."

Both The Duffers and various members of the cast have previously hinted that the sci-fi drama could last as long as five seasons, indicating they know how the ending might play out and how long it may take to get there.

One of the show's stars Finn Wolfhard also realised he will, at some point, have to say goodbye to the show and his character Mike Wheeler.

In an interview with Variety he was asked: “When it comes to the character that so many of us know you from, how do you feel about eventually saying goodbye to Mike Wheeler?”

Wheeler said: “What I think is so great about Stranger Things is it has the Harry Potter effect — where you can see how the characters and the actors grow up over time. The character is a part of me.

“Definitely when Stranger Things ends, it is not going to feel like it didn't happen or that Mike isn't a part of me still. I think I will be ready to say goodbye but it will be bittersweet.”

But he added that the show is far from over: “But we still have a lot of work to do with Stranger Things.”

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