Stacey Solomon individually cleans hundreds of balls in baby Rex’s play pit amid anxiety battle – The Sun

STACEY Solomon individually cleans hundreds of balls in baby Rex's play pit as the star opens up about her anxiety battle.

The Loose Women panellist, 30, famously loves cleaning and even uses it to help keep her mind "occupied" when she's feeling overwhelmed with anxiety.

But she's taking her cleaning prowess to the next level as she cares for baby son Rex's ballpit.

The singer revealed on Instagram that she empties all the balls into the bathtub, before spraying them all with anti-bacterial spray.

She then wipes down every single ball with a dish cloth before putting them back into the pit.

The star captioned the videos: "This is something a can not do while the boys are awake.

"They'd want to get in and to be fair to them I want to get in too. I might do them a bath like this one day."

Stacey added: "This is the boring bit – it's hard to do with one hand – wiping down each and every one. Then putting it back in the ball pit."

Fans then suggested she put the balls into the washing machine, but she rejected the idea – saying it was "impractical".

She said: "It looks great but it's very impractical. I mean that's as many as I can push in at once when the door's closed. Still have a half to do and if you look closely, there's holes in them. No."

Stacey loves a good clean and often documents her cleaning rituals on her Instagram.

It's probably how she became such good friends with Mrs Hinch, the cleaning author.

However, she also uses cleaning and tidying to combat her anxiety.

Responding to a fan on how she deals with anxiety, she revealed: "I get it all the time. I think that’s why I like to organise and do little bits and pieces that really keep my mind occupied. Whenever I am organising a drawer it completely takes my mind off anxiety and anything else that’s worrying me."

Stacey lives with her fiance Joe Swash, who is the father to baby Rex.

She is also mother to 11-year-old Zachary and seven-year-old Leighton from previous relationships.

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