Stacey Solomon in hysterics as baby Rose projectile poos all over Joe Swash

JOE Swash was left covered in baby daughter Rose's bright yellow poo last night – and fiancée Stacey Solomon found it hilarious.

The presenter's black tracksuit was splashed with the projectile poop, which Joe said he could almost see happening in slow motion.

Filming the aftermath, Stacey could be heard giggling, and she wrote on the Instagram video: "Joe took Rose with him to put the big boys to bed while I had a bath. He just came back and started to change her to get her ready for bed but Rose wasn't quite ready."

It was world's apart from the cute snap Stacey shared with fans the day before.

She melted their hearts as she snuggled up to Rose and reflected on her childhood.

The TV favourite penned: "🥀 Good Morning 🥀 Sunday mornings watching you dream 😩 I wonder what you’re thinking of.

"Most likely how long until my boobs fill back up again 😂… I remember when I used to stare at my neighbours roses over the fence every morning 😂

"Now I have my very own rose to stare at 🥲. We are so in love with you baby Rose 🌹"

Rose snoozed soundly underneath a fluffy blanket, wearing a purple babygro covered in rainbows.

Stacey later shared a video of Rose after she'd woken up, with the baby looking bewildered as she stared at her doting mum.

The Sunday posts were all too much for Stacey's followers, with one commenting: "She is absolutely stunning .. well done Mama Bear"

Another gushed: "This is so cute, the bonding 💞"

A third echoed: "Be still my heart. Oh Stace we are all so happy for you ❤️"

One more agreed: "Aww Stace she's beautiful ❤️"

Rose is Stacey's fourth child, with the star also mum to 13-year-old Zachary, nine-year-old Leighton, and two-year-old Rex.

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