Spoilers: Mick finds Leo dead in EastEnders but will he help Whitney?

Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) is beside herself in EastEnders as she is faced with the dead body of twisted stalker Leo King (Tom Wells), after being forced to kill him in self defence in EastEnders. But as she turns to Mick Carter (Danny Dyer), can he calm the situation down and help her sort things out?

Viewers were terrified for long suffering Whitney when Leo emerged in the house after staking out in the attic. He branded Tony’s letter at Whitney and accused her of killing his dad. As Whitney tried to talk sense into him, a knife wielding Leo ranted about justice and went on the attack.

Whitney knocked him down and tried to escape but Leo had locked all doors, leaving her trapped. In a final struggle, it was clear that Leo intended to kill Whitney but she managed to grapple the knife which Leo fell on as they wrestled for their lives.

Now Whitney looks down at the corpse of the man who tormented her and has no idea what to do next. She knows that she had no choice but to fight back – but will the police believe her? In a panic, she turns to Mick who arrives at the house, ready to attend the boat party.

He is stunned by what he sees as Whitney desperately begs him for his support. As Mick thinks on his feet, what will he advise? Will he help Whitney cover it up or will he suggest getting the police involved? And could Whitney be looking at a prison sentence?

We do know that Mick and Whitney end up on the boat and talking urgently about their shared darks ecret – which a drunk Linda (Kellie Bright) misconstrues as the being romantically close and kicks off, leading to further tragedy.

But what have Mick and Whitney done in between standing over a dead Leo and heading to the boat?

EastEnders airs these scenes in its 35th anniversary week on Monday 17 February at 8pm on BBC One. 

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