Spoilers: Johnny and Jenny split as he reveals his darkest secret in Corrie?

It’s truth time in Coronation Street as an ashamed Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) finally comes clean to wife Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) about his criminal past – especially when he realises that the security guard that was caught in the crime died due to a subsequent alcohol addiction.

Squirming with shame, Johnny reveals his criminal past to Jenny, that he was once the getaway driver in a robbery. Jenny’s appalled. Johnny admits that Scott was responsible for the bistro robbery and tried to force him into driving the car but he refused to be a part of it.

Jenny turns on Johnny for allowing this gun wielding maniac to move into their home. Johnny reveals he’s going to shop Scott to the police even if it means paying the price for a crime he committed over thirty years ago.

Speaking about Jenny’s feelings for Johnny in the wake of this, Sally Ann sighed to Metro.co.uk: ‘She’s totally shocked. She knew he wasn’t whiter than white and a bit of a wideboy but maybe that he was just selling some dodgy tape recorders, something low level.

‘She quite liked that he was a bit of a bad boy with an edge. But this kind of past – so violent and so serious – she doesn’t know what to do with it. She protects herself and completely ignores what she has been presented with

‘It is the lies – for Jenny, she keeps trying to justify and find excuses which you must do in any situation where you love somebody but they have done something abhorrent. You try and find reasons.

‘Jenny’s out for him is that he has not that person anymore and he has been a good man for years. She accepts that what he did was dreadful but it was a long time ago. Why should modern Johnny be punished, she doesn’t quite understand it? In her mind, she is justified.’

However, things soon take a turn for the worse when Scott arrives and learns about Johnny’s trip to the police station. He pulls a gun on Jenny and tells her if Johnny doesn’t stop and return, he will kill her!


Sally Ann said: ‘She’s terrified, in reality, you’d be cacking yourself. I don’t like guns. Even though it was a replica, I just don’t even like anyone gesturing guns with their fingers!’

Let’s hope that Jenny comes out of this alive – even if the marriage to Johnny doesn’t survive.

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