'Sister Wives': What Is Logan Brown Doing Now? Fans Are Curious About Kody and Janelle's Oldest Son

For many fans, Sister Wives is one of the TLC network’s most interesting shows. The series, which debuted on TV in 2010, documents the life of a polygamist family. Over the years, fans have watched as the Brown family has moved from state to state, welcomed new children, and gone to verbal battle with those who oppose their lifestyle.

More eyes than ever are on the family since Christine Brown announced she was leaving patriarch Kody Brown. Now, many fans wonder what the older children are up to — specifically, Logan Brown.

‘Sister Wives’ features the Brown family’s patriarch, four wives, and 18 children

The Brown family is a large one. Even ardent fans of the show might have a hard time keeping everyone’s names and relationships straight. Kody has four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. Kody also has 18 children in total.

Over the years, fans have seen most of the children on Sister Wives in some form. Several participate in the “confessional-style” interviews; others prefer to remain in the background, especially the younger children. Logan is one of those kids, the oldest son of Kody and Janelle Brown.

During the early years of the show, fans saw Logan on Sister Wives frequently. From 2010-14, he was a featured presence as he did chores and interacted with his siblings. Many viewers admired his sweet sense of humor, sense of responsibility, and caring attitude with his siblings. After 2014, however, Logan seemingly disappeared from the show.

What is Logan Brown doing now?

Fans likely won’t get to see Logan on Sister Wives anymore. According to Distractify, once he started college in 2014, he stepped back from his role on the TLC show. In 2020, Logan graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, with a Master of Business Administration degree.

Janelle did take to Instagram to praise her son for his hard work and dedication. This served as a rare glimpse of young Logan. These days, he’s working on a career and enjoying life with his fiancée, Michelle Petty.

Kody, who tends to be an open book, has talked about his son. The patriarch said in a 2019 podcast interview that he approves of the way his son is going about his life despite Logan not following many of the Mormon rules that the Brown family follows.

Kody Brown revealed that his older children like to stay out of the spotlight

In 2019, on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast, Kody opened up about his older children, including Logan. “They’re trying to live professional lives,” Brown explained, noting that fans shouldn’t expect to see any of the older Brown kids on Sister Wives anytime soon. “And sometimes it’s a hard balance to make.”

Certainly, the Brown family receives a lot of criticism. It’s reasonable that the older children would try to distance themselves. Notably, several of the older Brown children chose to separate themselves from the polygamist lifestyle of their parents. They’ve either converted to evangelical Christianity or chosen a different path entirely.

While Logan seems to be one of those young people, opting not to become a polygamist, it is hard to say for sure what he will end up doing and which religion (if any) he will choose. The young adult eschews social media entirely. 

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