'Single's Inferno': Meet the Main Cast of the Korean Reality Show, Instagram, Age, Job, and More

Netflix‘s first Korean dating reality show, Single’s Inferno, has fans hooked on knowing more about its main cast and participants. Single’s Inferno has nine participants travel to a remote island called “Inferno” to possibly find love. Part of the rules is the participants know nothing about each other’s careers, ages, and certain details about their personal lives. Here is everything to know about the contestants from their Instagrams and their professions.

Kim Jun-sik is the CEO of a startup company

Part of the main cast of Single’s Inferno is male contestant Kim Jun-sik. In his intro bio, Kim revealed he often cooks for his friends. It could be he is a professional chef. His Instagram, @juncore_, reveals he is the CEO of a food company called KAMEE.

Much like the other contestants, Kim’s Instagram is full of body profile photoshoots and showing off his time in the gym. His posts might have also revealed his birthday is in October.

An Yea-Won is a Youtuber and fitness enthusiast

One of the female contestants is A Yea-won. She caught the other participants’ attention when arriving in a red dress. In her bio interviews, she calls herself clumsy but in a cute way and prides herself on her physical appearance. Fans can follow her Instagram handle @yeah.w__.

Her Instagram features a photo of An modeling for bridal companies and body profile photoshoots. Her bio claims she works in Health and Beauty. But her profession and age are yet to be revealed on the show. An is also a Youtuber.

Choi si-hun is known for looking like an idol on ‘Single’s Inferno’


Contestant Choi Si-hun gained favorable attention on Single’s Inferno for his kind smile and K-Pop idol visuals. Choi’s hobbies include going to the gym and boxing. The reality show does not reveal much about his age and profession.

Choi has a verified Instagram account with the handle @choi_hun2. Based on his post, the Single’s Inferno cast member is a model and possibly an aspiring actor. In the first episode, the female contestants felt Choi looked like K-drama actor Lee Jong-suk.

Shin Ji-yeon caught the other main casts’ attention in ‘Single’s Inferno’

Shin Ji-yeon was one of the first female contestants to be introduced in the reality show. Not many personal details were revealed of Shin. Fans do know she prefers the color pink and dislikes seafood.

Her age has not been revealed yet. Fans can follow the contestant with her Instagram handle @jiiiyeonie_. Her Instagram does not give much information about her profession or personal life.

Moon Se-hoo is a mysterious enigma in ‘Single’s Inferno’

Among the Single’s Inferno cast, Moon Se-ho is another participant fans do not know a lot about. Moon boasts that he is good at doing household chores like cleaning and laundry. Like the other contestants, Moon is very active and enjoys working out.

His age and profession have not been revealed but fans do know he is a good cook. His Instagram handle is @moonofsh. With only a few posts, fans can speculate Moon does some modeling work.

Oh Jin-Taek surprised the main cast with his looks

Single’s Inferno cast member Oh Jin-taek surprised the other contestants with his clean-cut suit, facial stubble, and overall appearance. Many believed he could be a model, but his profession was revealed in episode 2 during the getaway to Paradise.

Oh is 30-years-old and is the CEO of a custom tailor shop. His shop’s name is Ascottage Shop and its Instagram handle is @ascottage_shop. On the reality show, he revealed he has been running the shop for eight years. Oh also studied business management in college.

Kim Hyeon-joong is a professional trainer and model

The first contestant introduced in Single’s Inferno was Kim Hyeon-joong. He introduced himself as someone who loves to work out and thinks his biggest charm is his dimple. His profession and age were revealed in episode 2. Kim is 28-years-old and has been a personal trainer for five years.

Kim also models for sports and fashion brands. According to his Instagram, @__1126.1, he is the CEO and owner of Mood Gym. His Instagram posts also suggest his birthday is in November. Single’s Inferno also revealed he is an atheist.

Song Ji-a gained the most favors among the cast of ‘Single’s Inferno’


Song Ji-a introduction into the Korean reality show had every contestant staring in awe. She has been praised for her visuals and was revealed to be a beauty content creator and Youtuber. Song is 25-years-old and majored in Korean traditional dance at Hanyang University.

In the show, she is also revealed to be an atheist. An aspect she finds most attractive in her partner is bulging arm veins and tall stature. Her Instagram is @dear.zia.

Kang So-yeon owns her own boxing gym


Single’s Inferno contestant Kang So-yeon is likely the oldest among the female participants. Kang is 34-years-old. She is the owner of a boxing gym called HitFit and a boxing judge. She also revealed on the show that her younger sister is a pro boxer.

Kang is the most athletic out of the female contestants and enjoys free diving, jiujitsu, and other sports. Fans can follow her Instagram handle @kangsoyeon__. She also works on an athleisure wear brand called GoodRround and has a Youtube channel.

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