SEAL TEAM plot hole: Jason made glaring mistake with rank in key toast scene

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CBS’s SEAL team followed the lives of a group of Navy SEAL’s as they travelled across the world undertaking dangerous and high-risk missions. Much like in real life each character in the military drama held a particular rank and one attentive fan exposed the fact Jason Hayes (played by David Boreanaz) announced them wrong despite being a leader.

In the season two episode titled Never Out of Fight, the Bravo team were under intense pressure when Commander Shaw (Peter Jessop) suggested the group divided.

He came to this decision after the team decided to use their resources to rescue fellow Navy SEAL Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr) after he was capture in the Gulf of Guniea instead of hunting down Khan, a terrorist in Pakistan.

This season Jason had to prove that his team was worth keeping and that Shaw’s assumptions were incorrect.

The group went on their mission to Pakistan to take out the terrorist organisation and they succeeded in capturing Khan and taking out four other members of the extremist group.

Once Jason landed back in the states he had to attend the funeral of fellow Navy SEAL Brett Swann (Tony Curran).

After a long battle to seek medical treatment at the hospital he also struggled mentally with memory issues and decided to take his own life.

During the wake that followed Brett’s caretaker Clay Spenser (Max Thieriot) gave an emotional speech before placing his purple heart medal on Brett’s casket.

As the Master Chief Special Warfare Operator of the Bravo Team, Jason also stepped up to make a toast.

He said: “I’d like to make a toast, there are 46 special operators in this room, 655 years of total service, 439 years of deployment 130 of those years deployed to war.

“There are 21 divorces among us, 54 kids affected by those breakups, 17 Purple Hearts, 104 Bronze Stars. Three Silver Stars.

“There are 24 shoulder and arm surgeries, 64 leg and ankle surgeries, 22 back and neck surgeries and 34 people in this room with hearing loss.

“And all of us, with a little bit of what Brett had, every single one of us. That’s a lot of pain for us to carry around, but I’m not trading that pain in for anything, ’cause that’s what makes us who we are. Cheers. it’s a beautiful day,” he added.

This is where the attentive viewer noticed the major error in Jason’s speech and took to to expose his ranking error.

They shared: “When Jason is having his toast in the bar, he begins listing up the amount of decorations there are in the room, starting with saying there are three Silver Star medals in the room.

“Bravo Team alone has eight Silver Star medals, the only operators from Bravo who do not have the Silver Star medal are Blackburn and Full Metal.

“Full Metal was a real SEAL before going into acting and earned a Navy Cross that he also wears in the show on his dress uniform.“

Many fans were able to enjoy the episode without realising the huge blunder as Jason’s speech was a true testament to what real-life military personnel deal with once they return from deployment and it raised awareness for those struggling to adjust back to normal life.

Whereas other fans with military knowledge were distracted by the plot hole as the rankings didn’t correlate with what viewers had remembered about the characters.

For those that want to watch back, fans can find the blunder in season two, episode 22 and the timestamp is between 00:36:36 and 00:37:12.

SEAL Team is available to watch on CBS in the US and NOW TV in the UK.

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