Sara Davies tears as she says she’s ‘lost’ without Strictly’s Aljaz ‘In a little bubble’

Strictly: Sara Davies says she’s ‘lost’ without Aljaz

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Strictly Come Dancing star Sara Davies and partner Aljaž Škorjanec joined Rylan Clark on It Takes Two Monday night after being eliminated from the BBC dance competition. After reflecting on her Argentine Tango on Saturday night and looking back at her journey throughout the competition, Sara broke down in tears and said she would be “lost” without Aljaž by her side every morning.

Sara explained to Rylan at the beginning of the interview that she hadn’t stopped crying since her elimination from Strictly Come Dancing on Sunday night.

Towards the end of their chat, Rylan said: “Well, do you know what I want to give you a nice surprise now because I think you have been great.

“I know how much you’ve loved this journey, I know you were crying yesterday, and I don’t want to do it again now but Sara, Aljaž it’s time for your best bits.”

As the clip played, Sara began to tear up exclaiming to Rylan: “I started welling up the second I saw your little eyes glaze over!”.

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Agreeing he added: “Do you know why it’s so emotional because the coupling ups this year have been flawless in my eyes.

“But you two especially there’s something about your relationship that just hits, and I know how much this has meant to you.

“You’re so successful at what you do, I am actually getting upset, but genuinely what are you going to do now not having this man in your life?”

Looking at Aljaž, Sara emotionally revealed: “Do you know, I woke up this morning and I was just lost.

“I was, I just usually, we have our little routine, the alarm goes off at five o’clock, I check my Instagram stories and you put a little post on and I’m like, ‘Oh he’s woken up.’

“Then we’d meet at our studio, we’d have our keys and I’d let us in, and you’d go make the coffees and I’d turn the Glitterball on even though we really didn’t need on at 6am in the morning.

“But it just got us in the mood and the first few hours before the VT teams would turn up it would just be us and we just have this intense learning and just in a little bubble.”

Sara and Aljaž performed the Argentine Tango to Donna Summer and Barbara Streisand’s No More Tears (Enough Is Enough).

Despite being scored 32 out of a possible 40 she landed herself in the middle of the leaderboard which the contestants fear.

Sara reflected on her dance and said: “Oh do you know what, this is the dance that I have looked forward to doing the whole series.

“It’s so many people’s favourite and it’s so intensive and so and I think also learning it has been without a shadow of a doubt my highlight week on Strictly.

“Working with two of the best Argentinian teachers in the world and learn it together was such a privileged,” she admitted.

Rylan went on to say: “Do you know what I have got to say really positive comments from the judges, got a great score as well, were you a little bit shocked when that red light came on?”

“Yeah but do you know what they say, the middle of the leaderboard is a really dangerous place to be.

“You look at all the other couples that are in there and we’ve had it before where we have been at the bottom of the leaderboard, and everyone has come out to support us.

“So, I was so pleased everyone did for AJ when she had those really bad comments and then you’ve got your front runners who just done unbelievable dances, Rhys and Rose and John last week.

“I’m so thrilled so I guess I was surprised but then if I reflected on it I probably shouldn’t have been,” she praised.

It Takes Two airs weekdays at 6:30pm on BBC Two. 
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