Royal Family very concerned about Prince Harry publishing new book

According to experts, Prince Harry will still go ahead with publishing his memoir and the Palace is “understandably very concerned”.

Katie Nicholl, Vanity Fair’s royal correspondent, who was featured on Portillo on GB News explained: “We know from the things that Harry and Megan have said in Oprah and in other interviews that they're not afraid to criticise the institution…

“I mean, my experience of books is that he's been paid something like a 35-million-pound advance, half of which has already been paid.

“I know the Palace is understandably very concerned about what's going to be in this book.”

Early reports suggested that Harry would “tone down” his book in respect of how grandmother.

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However, Nicholl said she believes that this won’t be the case at all.

“We know from the things that Harry and Megan have said in Oprah and in other interviews that they're not afraid to criticise the institution.

“They're not afraid to have a pop at members of the Royal Family.”

She continued by saying she doesn’t believe that his is “going to hand back half of that advance and pull the plug on the book.”

Another royal commentator, Charles Rae, urged the prince not to publish the tell-all.

He said, “Harry is supposed to be doing some changes so they can tone it down a bit.

“Well, I've got one change for Harry: he should scrap it.

“Just don't publish it, Harry. Just give the money back.”

Rae claims that the former Duke of Sussex will “obviously” being paid a seven-figure sum for his writing.

It won’t just be “a stroll down the road and say hello to various people”.

"They'll want some sensational bits in it,” he said.

"The reporting earlier on when Camillia was just the Duchess of Cornwall was that he was going to be critical of her.

“Now that she's queen, it will not go down well and it will really be something that will make sure that they're even more apart from the Royal Family.”

He said that he believes that Harry “doesn’t care anymore”.

“We saw pictures of him out in Windsor which he shared with William and Catherine and they were great pictures and they look good and everything else but it's a ceasefire, nothing else more than just a ceasefire.”


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