Question of Sport viewers in uproar over choice of guests Not even athletes!

Question of Sport: Paddy introduces Roman Kemp to show

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Paddy McGuinness kicked off Friday’s instalment of Question of Sport by introducing team captains Sam Quek and Ugo Monye alongside their teammates. Sam’s team included Olympic judoka Chelsie Giles and actor Will Mellor while Ugo’s guests were Olympic canoeist Mallory Franklin and comedian Lloyd Griffith. However, viewers quickly took to social media to hit out over the sports show having guests who “aren’t even athletes”. 

English actor Will is perhaps best known for starring on the soap Hollyoaks and sitcom Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps. 

After Paddy welcomed him onto the programme, the 45-year-old actor detailed his passion for boxing, adding: “I started boxing when I was seven.”

He explained his dad boxed and his uncle boxed for England when he was growing up which has led the star to become “obsessed” with the sport. 

Will added: “Every fight that is on, I either record it or watch it live, and I just love it.” 

Comic Lloyd, who has been a presenter on Sky Sports show Soccer AM, explained he was interested in football. 

However, he told Paddy: “As long as the questions are about Grimsby Town [Football Club] then I will be fine.” 

Just minutes into the episode, viewers lashed out over “entertainers” appearing as guests on the sports programme. 

Taking to Twitter, Maisie remarked: “Interest has dropped that much for #QuestionofSport that 3/7 people on the show aren’t even athletes. God this show has gone downhill.” (sic)

Paul said: “Only realised, not only does Will Mellor have zero sports credentials, neither does the other fella, Lloyd. Proper downhill. #questionofsport” 

@Bushmaster80 fumed:” One of the best things about QoS was seeing top sportspeople having a laugh in an informal setting away from their sport, so why fill two spaces with ‘entertainers’ who’ll pop up on every other panel show that’ll have them?”

@Socialmediajon1 asked: “Anyone remember when #QuestionOfSport actually had sportspeople on it to reflect the name Question of ‘Sport’?”

Despite the backlash over the guests, many viewers enjoyed watching the latest instalment of the BBC show. 

Ese commented: “I’m happy #QuestionOfSport is back after a three-week break.”

Stewart Willett praised Lloyd for showing his appreciation for Grimsby Town Football Club, adding: “@LloydGriffith Getting in the Grimsby Town shout in early doors. Well played sir!” 

At the end of the episode, Sam’s team scored a total of nine points, but Ugo’s team came out on top with 18 points. 

Ugo and Sam replaced Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell as team captains last year after BBC bosses decided to change the format and presenters of the show. 

Sue Barker was replaced by Paddy after hosting the programme for 24 years.

The shake-up has continued to cause controversy and Ugo recently opened up to about his role on the show. 

He said: “Being a captain on A Question of Sport and Strictly [Come Dancing], the largest show on telly, comes with its pressures, but they’re privileges because the alternative is that you don’t do them – and I’d rather do them. 

“I think whenever I do anything, my number one goal is that I want to give the best account of myself. 

Question Of Sport continues on Fridays at 7.30pm on BBC One. 

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