Queen of the South: What else can you watch Brenda Parra star Justina Machado in?

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Queen of the South started off with both Teresa Mendoza (played by Alice Braga) and Brenda Parra (Justina Machado), running for their lives from Don Epifanio’s (Joaquim del Almeida) thugs, with Tony Parra (Adolfo Alvarez) in tow. But while Teresa has managed to last throughout the first four seasons, Brenda’s journey in the show ended in the series one finale. If you’re eager to see what else actress Machado has starred in, then Express.co.uk is the place to be with a list of some of her work at the ready.

What else can you watch Brenda Parra star Justina Machado in?

Machado’s first major role came in 1997 when she starred alongside Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery in TNT’s Good Behaviour, featuring in numerous episodes as Raquel DeLaRosa.

For several years after this, Machado had plenty of smaller parts in both films and television series.

These include Touched by an Angel, Oh Baby, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, ER, Dragonfly and Final Destination 2.

Then in 2003, Machado got her next big break with another Queen of the South cast member.

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Machado starred in crime drama 1-800-Missing in 2003 where she played Sunny Estrada.

Also in the series was actor Mark Consuelos, who portrayed FBI Agent Antonio Cortez.

For Queen of the South fans, Consuelos is better known as Camila Vargas’ (Veronica Falcon) lawyer Teo Aljarafe.

One of her most memorable roles came in the shape of comedy drama Six Feet Under which began in 2001.

Machado played Vanessa Diaz in Six Feet Under which won numerous awards.

Speaking to Fox about the show’s surprising success, Machado said: “There was no social media back then so nobody knew it was that exciting, that great.

“So I didn’t know it was that big of a deal, I knew that people liked it and I was very proud to be part of an amazing show – to me it’s one of the best shows on television that has ever been and one of the best finales ever.”

Four years after Six Feet Under came to an end, Machado got herself another leading role but this time in medical drama Three Rivers as Pam Acosta and then Private Practice as Stephanie Kemp a few years later.

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Fans of Machado can also see her star in series like Murder Police, Welcome to the Family and Jane the Virgin as Darci Factor.

Queen of the South came in 2016 but following Brenda’s demise, Machado had other great roles lined up.

She played Penelope Alvarez in sitcom One Day at a Time from 2017 but came to an end earlier this year with its fourth season.

As well as the comedy series, Machado featured in Netflix film All Together which is about a talented teen hiding the fact she’s homeless.

In terms of 2021, the former Queen of the South star has already got something exciting lined up.

Machado will be in With/In, an anthology film set during the Covid pandemic.

According to IMDB, the film is currently in post-production and a release date hasn’t been announced just yet.

Queen of the South is available to watch on Netflix.

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