Phil Schofield red-faced as John Torode scolds him for stealing food before show

This Morning host Phillip Schofield was caught in a hilarious behind the scenes moment, which producers decided to air to make fans giggle.

On Tuesday's show, Phil and co-host Holly Willoughby welcomed chef John Torode who was on the programme to show viewers how to make monkey bread.

But as he was reeling off the ingredients for the bake, Holly pointed out that Phil had already been "drinking" the caramel sauce that was to be served on top of the bread.

Holly then mentioned that they can show the clip, to Phil's surprise who looked wide-eyed in the 'oh no' moment.

Phil began by saying: "Can I just say that caramel sauce is really lovely."

Holly then replied: "You've been drinking it like coffee this morning."

Chef John then chimed in to say: "Have you been nicking my caramel sauce?"

Cringing, he then explain to a disturbed looking John that it was the extra sauce that he wouldn't be needing anymore for the tutorial, but John looked less than impressed.

Phil then awkwardly stumbled and said "Er, the caramel sauce was the remainder of what you're not going to use, it was in the piping bag.

He then heard that producers had caught the comical scene, and said: "What do you mean you've got it?"

Producers then played the funny clip of Phil picking up the caramel sauce piping bag and tipping it into his mouth when he thought the cameras weren't rolling.

Holly then laughing, joined in to add: "You might have been spotted this morning.

"Look at him stuffing his face!"

Phil then erupted into laughter, which was followed by John refusing to use the bag to bake with.

The This Morning official Twitter account also shared the clip and jokingly captioned it: "Sometimes we all have to eat caramel out of a piping bag, no judgment here Woman shrugging."

Later in the show, the hosts welcomed Tina Turner tribute act Dorothea 'Coco' Fletcher onto the show after she hit the headlines after being sued by her icon's legal team.

The presenters interviewed her and then let her perform Simply the best on the programme after she explained she had no ill-feeling towards the musical icon despite all of the legal drama.

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